Benelli TNT300 vs BMW G 310R in a classic drag race: Who wins [Video]

BMW G310R is the most affordable BMW bike one can buy currently in India. It is currently priced at Rs 2.99 lakh, ex-showroom. Benelli TNT is another street naked motorcycle which can be called as one of the competitors of the BMW G 310R. In the past we have brought articles in the past showing the power of bikes by showing them in a drag race. Here we have one such  video that shows the same.

The video has been uploaded by The Hassan Radsters on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing the exhaust note of both the bikes. The G 310R has normal exhaust note whereas the TNT 300 has more of a throatier exhaust note. That is the magic of one extra cylinder. The TNT 300 is a twin cylinder motorcycle whereas the G 310R gets only one cylinder.

The video then shows the drag race between both the bikes on a empty stretch of road The race is conducted in two rounds. Both the rounds are won by G 310R.  Initially the TNT 300 takes the lead and stays there for few seconds after that the G 310R catches up and takes the lead. This is what happens on both the rounds.

Coming to the bikes, The G 310R is jointly developed by TVS and BMW. It is manufactured in India and is also exported to International markets. G 310R is powered by a 313 cc , single cylinder, liquid-cooled engine producing a maximum of 33.6 Bhp and 28 Nm of peak torque. The TNT 300 is also powered by a 300-cc engine. In this case it is a twin cylinder setup producing a maximum of 38 PS and 26.5 Nm of torque.

Benelli TNT300 vs BMW G 310R in a classic drag race: Who wins [Video]

On paper Benelli TNT 300 is more powerful, then why did it lose the battle?. That could be because of various reasons. One of the reasons that helped BMW win the race is the weight. BMW is a lighter motorcycle. This difference helped BMW take the lead of the race. even it was by a fraction of a second. Even the riding style of a rider also affects the result of a race at times. But in this case the riders did switch the bikes and the race was conducted in two rounds and both rounds were won by the BMW. This proves the weight of a motorcycle does matter in a race, specially in a drag race. This doesn’t mean TNT 300 is a any less of a motorcycle. If the stretch was a bit longer there are good chances that the result would have been different.