Benelli Zafferano: India’s first 250cc cruiser-scooter is nearly here

Benelli is quickly gaining popularity in India among the youth here. The affordability of the Benelli products is making them highly attractive. The two wheeler maker is currently testing India’s first maxi scooter and here is all you need to know about it.

What is it?

Benelli Zafferano: India’s first 250cc cruiser-scooter is nearly here

It is a maxi-scooter which is already on sale in the international markets like Indonesia. The scooter looks very modern and gets European design elements. The scooter has been caught testing under heavy camouflage multiple times now.

The quarter-liter scooter looks massive from the Indian scooter point of view. It comes with a tall windscreen that lets the rider to cruise on the highways at good speed without any wind blast. It also gets 14-inch alloy wheels with dual disc brake set-up at front. The rear gets a single disc only.

The Zafferano 250 also gets modern features like twin-pod headlamps, a semi-digital instrument console, a 12-litre fuel to name a few. It also gets a telescopic suspension at the front and an adjustable rear shock absorber. The scooter also gets a huge under-seat cabin that allows up to two helmets.

Benelli Zafferano: India’s first 250cc cruiser-scooter is nearly here

The Zafferano is powered by 249.7cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine. It develops a maximum power of 20.7 Bhp at 7,000 rpm and 20.83 Nm of torque. The engine is mated an automatic transmission. Benelli has not revealed any details about the launch of the scooter, but we expect that the company will bring it before Auto Expo 2018 takes place in February 2018.

Benelli Zafferano: India’s first 250cc cruiser-scooter is nearly here

Why is it special?

With the rising popularity of Aprilia SR 150, Indian two-wheeler market seems to be maturing. Earlier, Kinetic used to offer Blaze in India, which was quite popular among the enthusiasts of the country. The Zafferano will be perfect for people who want the comfort of a scooter but also seek for performance and feature of motorcycles. In Indonesia, the scooter is roughly priced at Rs. 2.18 lakh. We can expect a similar price tag for the Indian market too.

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