Bengaluru car thief steals cars worth over Rs 10 crore! Aston Martin, Range Rover etc seized

Cars being stolen is not something that is totally unheard of in India. Every now and then we get reports that small and affordable cars are getting stolen by thieves in the country. Although stealing ultra-luxurious high-end supercars and SUVs in broad daylight is something that is not heard every day. Most recently a man from Bangalore was arrested for the crime of stealing 10 super expensive cars including an Aston Martin, Mercedes, Audi, Endeavor, and Thar amongst a few others.

The case unfolded as it was reported that a man by the name of Syed Gibran has been stealing these high-end cars under the pretext of selling them on behalf of their clients. The man accused and arrested for the crime was reported to be working with a team of three or four individuals. This group of people used to scout the internet and their own sources to compile a list of people who were looking to sell their expensive supercars and SUVs. The accused Syed would then tell these wealthy businessmen that he will sell their cars for great prices.

However, instead of selling these cars he would and providing the clients with their rightful money, this man would end up keeping the cars with himself. It was reported that Gibran was caught after threatening one his clients after the client demanded for the money.

Bengaluru car thief steals cars worth over Rs 10 crore! Aston Martin, Range Rover etc seized

According to Cubbon Park Police that arrested Gibran and a case was registered against him by a Mercedes Benz automobile owner Raju. The plaintiff lodged a complaint that Gibran took his Mercedes Benz on the pretext of selling it. He told that Gibran promised him that he will transfer him Rs 18 lakh as an advance payment at the time of handing over the original document. Although even after a month passing by Gibran did not initiate the payment. And when asked by Raju for the payment or returning his car Gibran threatened him that he will face dire consequences if he complains. Following this Raju officially lodged the complaint and Gibran was arrested by Police authorities.

Furthermore it was also discovered during the investigations that the Syed Gibran had strong connections with multiple finance companies and used car dealers across the city and other states as well. Reportedly Gibran with his associates looked for people with outstanding loans and would target them by saying that he will sell or rent their vehicles in Bangalore for a higher price and thus lured them to give him the original papers of these vehicles. Later he would do the same as he did to Raju.

It has also reported that the he also dealt with stolen cars as well. He once stole another Mercedes Benz car with the help of his associates Kiran and Monish Gajendra. He then sold this car to and a man named Parvatham Hemchandra of Hyderabad. Hemchandra knew the car was stolen yet he still went on to buy the car at a lower price than that available in the market. Police also told that Gibran used to tell the buyers of these stolen cars to use fake number plates so as to avoid getting caught by the authorities.

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