Bengaluru Man Rides Bajaj Pulsar With Woman On Lap: Arrested, Bike Seized [Video]

bengaluru man woman lap bajaj pulsar

People performing stunts while riding bikes on public roads have become a new norm among many riders. While cops and other concerned authorities take action against such behavior, people continue to do such irresponsible things. Besides riding recklessly, there are cases where people have been spotted engaging in romantic activities on moving bikes. Here we have a case from Bengaluru where a man riding a Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle was arrested after a video of him riding the bike with a woman on his lap went viral online.

The video was shared by Bengaluru Traffic Police on their X (Twitter) profile. Bengaluru police are very active on social media and take swift action against offenders when something like this is reported with proper evidence. In this case, we assume that the video was shared with the police department by someone driving behind the biker.

In this video, we see a Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle being ridden on Bengaluru International Airport Road. The man was trying to impress his girlfriend by making her sit on his lap while he rode the bike. We can see that the girl sitting on the rider’s lap had her hands wrapped around the rider’s neck.

We do not see the rider wearing a helmet, and we assume that the woman was missing one too. They were riding on a public road, which is extremely dangerous. Bengaluru Traffic Police posted this video with the caption, “Hey thrill-seekers, the road isn’t a stage for stunts! Keep it safe for everyone, including yourselves. Let’s ride responsibly.”

Bengaluru Man Rides Bajaj Pulsar With Woman On Lap: Arrested, Bike Seized [Video]
Woman sitting on lap of biker

The video went viral, and once the cops came across it, they took action against the rider. The bike and the rider were both traced, and an arrest was made. We do not have the exact details of the arrest, but it was made by the Hebbal Traffic Police Station. We assume a fine was issued for this irresponsible behavior.

The comment section under this video appreciated the efforts by the city police and traffic police in this case. However, there were many who wanted the cops to take action against the woman too. No action was likely taken against the woman in this case as she was not riding the motorcycle; it was the man who was riding it.

This is not the first time an act like this has been reported online. Similar instances have been reported from several Indian states. Recently, a couple from Ahmedabad was seen engaging in romantic activities on a moving bike.

Cops arrested the rider after the video went viral. In a similar case, Uttar Pradesh police issued a fine of Rs 21,000 against a couple who were engaging in romantic activities on a moving bike on a highway.

Such stunts or acts are extremely dangerous. If you notice, the woman was holding on to the neck of the rider, blocking the rear view. In case of an accident, both of them would fall and be injured badly, posing a threat not only to themselves but also to other road users.