Bengaluru man buys school bus registration plate for his Tesla

Nostalgia is an emotion that hits us all hard. For some, it is pleasant, while for others, it is heart-breaking. For those in the first category, here is an instance that will make your heart melt. Recently, a US-based Indian man paid tribute to his childhood bus driver and bus in Bengaluru by choosing that bus’s registration number for his Tesla car in the US.

The man, whose identity is being kept anonymous, purchased a Tesla car in the US and chose the registration number ‘KA1F232.’ During his childhood days in Bengaluru in the 1990s, he used to travel on a BMTC bus from his home to school. The bus, driven by a person named K Dhanapal on route number 401B, had a registration number ‘KA01 F 0232.’ As a school-going kid, the man used to board this bus from the Vidyaranyapura stop to Yeshwanthpura and sit near the gear lever.

After growing up and moving to the US, the man decided to pay tribute to the bus driver and his affection for the school-going kids. He chose a registration number for his newly purchased red Tesla car, which was the same as that of the bus in which he used to travel.

Bus driver retired a few days ago

Bengaluru man buys school bus registration plate for his Tesla

A few days ago, K Dhanapal retired from his services as a bus driver for BMTC, and his family members threw a small surprise party to celebrate his retirement. The US-based man sent a small surprise video to the party, explaining how he ended up choosing the nostalgic registration number as a tribute to all the fond memories of his childhood days and the affection of K Dhanapal.

In the video, the man mentioned how K Dhanapal had dedicatedly driven the bus on the route, despite the stress involved in driving a bus on the congested roads of Bengaluru, and how he had loved the children. As a mark of respect for his services as the bus driver and for being a kind person to him, the US-based man chose the bus’s registration number for his Tesla car.

Upon seeing this gesture by a man residing across the ocean, K Dhanapal became emotional and went back in memory lane, remembering his days of driving all the children to school. He was grateful for the gesture shown by the US-based man, saying that it was something he would cherish for a long time.

Registration plates

Unlike India, you can choose your own registration plates in many states of the United States. Registration plates have become a way to express the car owner’s thoughts and we have seen many such plates in the US that have the Indian connection. Have you seen any such plates? Do share with us in the comments below.