3 Men On Scooter Chase, Harass Bengaluru Woman IT Professional: Arrested [Video]

woman bengaluru it professional road rage

Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, has become one of those cities from which we receive reports of road rage almost every day. A new video has surfaced online showing three men on a Suzuki Avenis scooter following a woman traveling in a car. The woman recorded the entire incident and reported it to the police. She also succeeded in getting the culprits arrested.

The Bengaluru police caught three men in connection with this incident. In the video circulating on the internet, we hear a woman in a car crying for help over the phone. She noticed three men following her on a scooter. The men on the scooter were punching the car she was traveling in and trying to open its door.

She called the cops and can be heard updating her location in real-time. She shared the nearest landmark and even the registration number of the scooter. The woman works at an IT firm in Bengaluru and was likely returning home from work when this happened.

In the video, we can hear her say, “They are following us, punching the vehicle. He is abusing us. He is trying to open the door.” According to the report, the incident occurred near St. Jones Hospital, Gate No. 5. These men on a Suzuki Avenis scooter with registration number KA04KL2583 were following the woman in a car. The woman was clearly traumatized, as evident from her voice.

The exact reason why these men were following the car is not clear. In the past, we have seen people get offended over trivial matters. After the incident was reported, the Bengaluru police took swift action and arrested all three men. South East Police DCP CK Baba responded by saying that the three accused have been arrested, and an FIR has also been registered.

3 Men On Scooter Chase, Harass Bengaluru Woman IT Professional: Arrested [Video]
3 men following woman

The Bengaluru Police wrote on Twitter, “Thank you for bringing this incident to our attention. We take road safety and incidents of road rage very seriously. Immediate action was taken, and an FIR has been registered. The accused have been apprehended.”

Not the First Time

This is not the first time we have come across an incident like this in Bengaluru. We still have no idea what provoked these men to follow the woman in the car. Instances have been seen where people become aggressive when they are not given way. People often get frustrated by traffic on the road, and this frustration often leads to road rage incidents.

We have also seen cases where people riding two-wheelers irresponsibly (mostly on the wrong side) get into arguments with car drivers and occupants from other states. There have even been instances of people damaging vehicles. In most cases, the culprits are locals of the area. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, always try to lock your car and not engage with the other party. As you never know how fast things would escalate.

Call for help and share all the details. Do not panic and note down all the necessary details you’ll need to locate the culprits in case they decide to flee.