Bengaluru road rage: Techie explains what happened after he was attacked by two men on a Yamaha R15 [Video]

bengaluru road rage yamaha r15 thugs vs techie in SUV

In less than a month, two incidents of road rage were caught on tape in Bengaluru. In one of the incidents, two men on Yamaha R15 chased a car for several kilometers and forced it stop on the road. The culprits got arrested after the dashboard video became viral. Here is what the techie, who was driving the car has to say about the incident.

The technie was terrified by the incident as he tells in the camera to The Quint. The techie said that he was returning to home and the incident took place at 5:30 PM near Whitefield, Bengaluru. According to Priyam Dutta, who was driving the car, two men followed the car for a long time and he could see in the rear view mirror.

Finally, they forced Priyam to stop by positioning their motorcycle in front of the vehicle. Two men on the bike came and started abusing Priyam and his wife, who were in the car. However, Priyam did not open the windows. The men started beating the windows with their hands and one of them picked up a stone as well.

Bengaluru road rage: Techie explains what happened after he was attacked by two men on a Yamaha R15 [Video]

While they were trying to open the car, Priyam escaped from the spot by accelerating. However, the bikers soon caught up with the car and forced the vehicle to stop again. This time around, the men were again trying to force Priyam to open the door or the window. But the locals saw them and came to the rescue.

The bikers left from the spot but Priyam took the video footage to the Whitefield Police station and registered a complaint. The police acted quickly to catch both of them within hours.

Dashboard camera helped

There was no registration number on the motorcycle. The police took the dashboard camera recording to trace the culprits. The police have filed criminal cases against the two men under sections 504 – Intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace, 505 criminal intimidation, 307 Attempt to murder and 427 – causing loss and damage.

Dashboard cameras provide a versatile solution for capturing incidents like accidents and criminal activities that occur on public roads. The recorded footage serves as crucial evidence, simplifying the process of initiating insurance claims. Furthermore, advanced dashboard cameras come with motion-detection technology, allowing them to capture any attempts at tampering with the vehicle.

Choosing to invest in a dashboard camera is a commendable step towards improving road safety and preventing the potential escalation of dangerous situations.

Throughout history, dashboard cameras have played a significant role in documenting accidents and uncovering various fraudulent schemes. Instances include scenarios where individuals deliberately throw themselves in front of vehicles to subsequently extort money from drivers.