Bengaluru techie books Rapido: Gets picked up by another techie riding a Royal Enfield Hunter

In a city renowned as India’s technology hub, where serendipitous moments are almost a daily occurrence, a Bengaluru-based software engineer experienced a delightful surprise during a recent Rapido ride. What was expected to be a routine commute to a Kubernetes meetup turned into an extraordinary encounter that showcased the essence of Bengaluru’s vibrant tech culture. Nishit Patel, a software engineer hailing from Bengaluru, shared his unique experience on the microblogging platform Twitter. Patel had booked a Rapido ride for his journey to a Kubernetes meetup, an event central to his field of work. Little did he know that this ride would soon become a tale worth sharing.

As Patel waited for his Rapido ride, a sense of excitement grew when a Royal Enfield Hunter motorcycle pulled up. The assigned rider, after arriving then greeted Patel with a warm smile. What followed was a remarkable revelation: the rider was not just a Rapido captain but also a software engineer, much like Patel himself. Both shared a mutual passion for motorcycling and hailed from the ever-evolving world of technology.

The Rapido captain, whose identity remains undisclosed, was more than just a rider; he was a DevOps engineer working at a company responsible for overseeing enterprise Kubernetes clusters. This unanticipated connection between passenger and captain showcased the inherent spirit of Bengaluru, where encounters like these are almost expected, given the city’s thriving tech ecosystem.

Patel’s tweet about the extraordinary ride garnered significant attention, amassing over 6,000 views and sparking engaging conversations among Twitter users. The incident prompted humorous comments, including one user playfully asking if Patel had inquired about the rider’s potential side business turnover. Patel, in retrospect, ruefully admitted that he hadn’t posed the question at the time.

Bengaluru techie books Rapido: Gets picked up by another techie riding a Royal Enfield Hunter

This peculiar incident is not isolated in the city. A commenter shared that in places like Ahmedabad, riders for platforms such as OLA, Uber, and Rapido have been seen cruising on high-end bikes, including Royal Enfield and even Harley Davidson motorcycles, for the past half-decade.

The story raises intriguing questions about the unique hospitality and treatment that often accompany transportation in India, where guests are equated with gods and treated with utmost respect. Patel’s experience, however, went a step further. Not only was he offered transportation to his destination, but he found himself in the company of someone intricately linked to the very event he was attending.

Further conversation with Patel revealed that the Royal Enfield Hunter-riding Rapido captain was completely unaware of the event taking place. However, they both discovered that their professional paths were aligned as they shared details about their roles and affiliations. The Rapido captain’s connection to the company curating the event added an unexpected layer to the story.

The ride concluded with Patel paying the fare of Rs. 80, as they bid each other farewell. While their paths diverged, the connection they had formed over the course of their short journey captured the essence of a quintessential Bengaluru experience – a city where tech surprises and intersections are part of the daily routine.

As the global tech community continues to evolve, stories like Nishit Patel’s remind us that in Bengaluru, innovation and connections can emerge in the most unexpected of places, even during a simple Rapido ride through the bustling streets of India’s tech capital.

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