Bengaluru to use heli taxis from the city to the airport at the cost of AC Cab from December 2017

Bengaluru is one city which is very well known for massive grid locks and poor road conditions. While the city has a lot of high-end cars, they all have to contend with huge traffic snarls. The airport too has been shifted outside the city, which means people travelling from the city have to pre-plan their journey to the airport, so they don’t miss their flight. Things may change come December 2017 when the city will start using helicopters as taxis.


Bengaluru International Airport (BIAL) has tied up with Thumby Aviation, a Kerala based helicopter service provider for this heli-taxi service. It will shuttle passengers from the city to the airport. Currently, it takes about 1.5-2.5 hours to commute between the Electronic city and the airport by cab. With the introduction of the chopper, this time will go down to a mere 15 minutes. It will start off using a single 6 seater chopper (Bell 407) and will later expand to other areas as well, like Whitefield and HAL airport.

Bengaluru currently has a total of 90 helipads across the city. While all of them may not be operational at the time of launch, some of them will certainly be. The government is wanting to make this as affordable as AC cabs so that more and more people could use it. It is believed that this will start as early as December 2017 which will make life much easier for the residents of Bengaluru. Using this example, many other Indian cities may also start such services. Sao Paulo in Brazil is currently using this helicopter taxi services and it is doing pretty well there.

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