Bus Hangs Precariously Off Bengaluru Flyover After Trying To Avoid Hitting Car

Bengaluru bus almost falls off the flyover

Accidents are those unpredictable events that can happen at any place, any time, and with any vehicle. Recently, an accident involving a state transport bus from Bengaluru, Karnataka, has been reported. What happened was that the bus driver tried to avoid a collision with a car in front which changed its lane randomly. The result of this was the bus driver lost control of the bus, and the rear portion of it was hanging off from the flyover.

This incident has been reported from Bengaluru-Tumakuru highway. Early Saturday morning, a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus became out of control. It then ended up hanging off a flyover. As per the reports, this incident occurred near the Adakamaranahalli junction in Nelamangala.

What happened?

Bus Hangs Precariously Off Bengaluru Flyover After Trying To Avoid Hitting Car

The KSRTC bus, which was on its route to Bengaluru from Somwarpete, was carrying approximately 40 passengers. Reportedly, it was driving up on the ramp of the flyover at Madanayakanahalli. This is when the driver suddenly lost control.

As a result, it crashed into the divider of the road, and the rear portion of the bus was dangling dangerously over the edge of the overpass. The bus was hanging at a height of over 40 feet.

What caused this accident?

According to a senior KSRTC official, the accident was triggered by a car ahead of the bus. It was reported that the car made an abrupt lane change. “The car driver moving ahead of the bus made a swift lane change, forcing our driver to take evasive action. Unfortunately, this caused the driver to lose control, leading to the accident,” the official explained.

Was everyone safe?

Bus Hangs Precariously Off Bengaluru Flyover After Trying To Avoid Hitting Car

Soon after the accident, traffic police and other citizens came to the rescue of this bus. The reports stated that six individuals, including the bus driver and conductor, sustained minor injuries. Most of these injuries were to those seated at the front of the bus. Authorities confirmed that all the injured were out of danger. Only one person received head injuries but remained in stable condition.

Recovery of the bus

The accident caused a significant disruption to the traffic flow on the busy highway. All of the vehicles were backed up for almost an hour. Following this, a crane was quickly deployed to the scene. After which it carefully lowered the bus back onto the road.

KSRTC officials praised the quick response from the traffic police and the public. In their official statement, they stated, “Our immediate concern was the safety and well-being of our passengers. We are relieved that there were no severe injuries and that everyone is safe,” stated the official.

Out-of-control bus nearly hits a car

Back in October of 2023, an incident of an out-of-control bus almost hitting a car and a scooter was shared online. The video showed a speeding bus which lost control due to aquaplaning on a road in Kerala, avoiding hitting other cars and vehicles on the road.

The driver was seen taking a right turn at a very high speed. He then lost control after taking the right turn. At the same time, a car was coming from the other side and it was being followed by a scooter rider and pillion. The bus driver, after noticing both, managed to avoid hitting them and crashed on the left side of the road.