Bengaluru woman forgets Apple Airpods in Auto: Driver uses tech to track her down and return them

We have come across several reports in the past where cab and auto drivers have returned things that the owners forget in the vehicle during the ride. One such passenger from Bengaluru forgot her Apple Airpods in an autorickshaw and the driver came with a very unique way to track the passenger and hand the airpods back. He actually used technology to return the airpods to the owner. People often forget things in public transport and we have seen several posts where people are requesting others to help track things for them. Shidika Ubr is the woman techie who lost her airpods and a post explaining how she got her lost airpods back has gone viral on the internet.

According the Twitter post, Shidika had lost her airpods while she was travelling in an auto. She was going to her office and forgot the airpods in the auto while she was making the payment to the driver. The auto driver noticed the airpods lying in the auto and he decided to track the owner so that he can return the airpods. The auto driver was tech savvy and he tried connecting the airpods to his device. When he tried doing that, the name of the owner popped up on the screen and the auto driver was able to know the name of the owner of the airpods.

Once he got the name, the driver started checking the name in his phone to ensure that he has received an online payment from this person. He found the name in the list of his transactions and within half an hour, the auto driver returned to Shidika’s office. The driver handed over the airpods to the security in front of Shidika’s office and left. The post became viral on the internet and it has received close to 10,000 likes and over hundred comments. The netizens have praised the efforts that the auto driver had put in to return the airpods. One person commented under the post, “Sometimes I feel Bengaluru Auto drivers are more tech-savvy than any of us”

Bengaluru woman forgets Apple Airpods in Auto: Driver uses tech to track her down and return them

This is not the first time, we have come across something like this from Bengaluru. Smartphones and technology is a part of our lives and we can’t think of even a minute without them. The auto driver’s presence of mind should be appreciated. He could have easily dropped the airpods to a nearby police station carried on with his trips but, he went the extra mile by tracking the owner himself through his online transactions and dropped it back to the original. Whereabouts of the auto driver is not known at the moment. Many others have also come forward who had similar experiences where honest auto and cab drivers have returned electronic items to the owner. Few months ago, we even came across a report of a kind Uber driver from Bengaluru who took an extrmely tired passenger to a restaurant and bought him breakfast. The driver also arranged the seats in his car, so that the passenger could take rest or sleep properly.