4 crore rupee Bentley set on fire to show how effective paint protection is! [Video]

Any kind of vehicle in India always faces the problem of getting scratches on the body due to the heavily crowded roads. While the mass segment cars can be mended by affordable means and even repainting, doing a complete repaint job on expensive vehicles is not viable and is extremely expensive too! However, there are various solutions available in the market that can be used to protect the original paint of the vehicle. These solutions include paint protection films (PPF), using natural wax and use long-life coatings like Ceramic on the vehicle. Here is a video that shows how good the ceramic coating can be when it comes to protecting the original paint of the car.

Bentley on fire!

The video uploaded by Turbo Xtreme on YouTube channel shows the protection level of the 9H Ceramic Pro paint protection coat. The vehicle seen in the video is the Bentley Continental GT Flying Spur, which is a very popular four-door luxury sedan from the British brand. The car is available with the V8 engine that is priced at Rs 3.41 crore, ex-showroom, Delhi while the car with W12 engine is priced at Rs 3.93 crore, ex-showroom.

As per the video, it took three days to complete the coating and the process is quite tedious. While the exact process is not mentioned in the video, it sure shows the high level of protection offered by the ceramic coating. To demonstrate the same, some fuel is poured on the bonnet of the Bentley and then a lighter is used to put it on fire. The naked flame can be seen on the bonnet of the Bentley for a few seconds before it is put out with the help of a water spray. The person then wipes the bonnet and we can see in the video that there is no residue on the area and no black spots.

4 crore rupee Bentley set on fire to show how effective paint protection is! [Video]

Doing such a thing on a vehicle without the ceramic coating can cause permanent damage to the paint of the vehicle. However, putting the coating forms a hardened layer on the surface of the paint that saves the original paint from the flame. Also, the coating ensures that the minor scratches do not show up easily on the vehicle. There are quite a few videos online that show people demonstrating the hardness of the ceramic coating. Many video show hitting the vehicle with a sharp object and then wiping it off with a cloth to reveal how the ceramic coating can save the vehicle from scratches.

However, going this way to save the vehicle’s paint is not cheap. Depending on the size of the vehicle ceramic coating can cost between a few thousand to lakhs of rupees. This is why most mass segment car buyers do not choose such expensive methods and stick to the regular methods of waxing and using paint protection film. The exact price of doing the ceramic coating on the Bentley is not known.