Bentley Continental GT modified into a off roader is BATSHIT crazy [Video]

The world is quite a strange place and we couldn’t agree more after seeing this video. Clearly, there’s a difference between a luxury grand tourer like the Bentley Continental GT and a wild off road vehicle. But that’s where the lines have been blurred. Some guys with enough resources at their hands decided to go off-road in a Bentley Continental GT. We’ll take you through the rest of the details but before that, just go through the video.

As in the video, the guys first take the Continental GT in stock condition to a dirt track. Now this exotic beauty was never meant to be dealt with in such a way, but being a Bentley, it takes the beating to some extent. The mighty W12 engine provided enough power to get away from most of what was thrown at it. The car eventually gets stuck and is pulled out of the track then.

After the mud session, the real transformation starts taking place. The guys begin with the suspension first and remove the original fitments. They then proceed to install the custom made dampers and high lift suspension system with coil springs. This will help the otherwise tarmac suited car to get dirty without much issue.

Bentley Continental GT modified into a off roader is BATSHIT crazy [Video]

Then comes the turn to do away with the stock wheels. In the video, we see that the guys remove the stock wheels and instead plan to install big, knobby off road tires to the car. For this, the guys had to cut the fenders so that the humongous wheels fit in properly. After all the procedure, the car stands tall with both the suspension and tires in place.

Done with the technical things, the once-a-stately-Bentley is fitted with a metal frame on the rear part of its body and a bull bar to the front end, making it more off road ready. The frame would help to place various utilities on the car when going on an adventure. Lastly, the guys turn focus towards the aesthetics of the car and work towards making it look like a true blue off-roader.

The whole car is wrapped in a shade of military green which matches the role its meant to do. Olive coloured Jerrycans are placed on the rear side frame and there is a spare tire over at the rear centre. Completing the whole package are matching custom fenders which are added to given it a more butch look.

After all the alterations and modifications, the car now does amazingly on the dirt track. It gets through all the terrain without much hiccup and the objective seems to have been achieved.

Whether it was a good choice to create a beast out of the classy Continental GT or just some maniacs throwing their time and money, its upon you to decide. However, it just shakes us up from our seats every time we get past such mod-jobs, indicating that there still are wild people out there who would do anything to follow their hearts.