Best cars to buy if you have elders at home

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Cars have become an important part of our lives. Also, we need to carry our family with us on some of the trips. However, if you have elders at home, not every car can be comfortable for them. Remember, that elders will be a lot more uncomfortable when there are big potholes or rough surfaces. So, you should select your car wisely if you will be carrying elders in the backseats. There are quite a few options to choose from in the Indian market

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Best cars to buy if you have elders at home

Ertiga has been known for its spacious and comfortable cabin due to which it’s being used so extensively in the commercial market. It is a tried and tested product as it has been in the Indian market for almost 8 years and has been selling well since then. Ertiga comes with 5+2 seating configuration which means it can seat your family comfortably. The ride quality of the MPV is very good, it absorbs the bumps very easily and maintains high-speed stability on the highway also. The car settles down quickly when it encounters a pothole which is good because this minimizes the bumpiness of the cabin. Driving the Ertiga in day to day traffic conditions is easy because of the high driving position and the width of the Ertiga is the same as the Dzire which makes it fairly compact. The car also makes it easy for the elderly to get in and get out. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga starts from Rs. 7.59 lakhs ex-showroom.

Maruti Suzuki XL6

Best cars to buy if you have elders at home

The XL6 is a jacked-up, crossover version of the Ertiga and indeed it does look a lot more premium and striking to look at due to the LED headlamps, flat bonnet and black cladding. Maruti Suzuki has reworked the interior also and it comes with leather upholstery and a premium-looking all-black cabin instead of the dual-tone theme that Ertiga gets. However, the main selling point of the XL6 is the second-row captain seats. The seats can be reclined, moved forwards or backwards and they also provide an armrest, ample back support and bolstering. The ride quality of the XL6 is same as the Ertiga but it provides a tad bit more comfort due to the captain seats. Being a premium offering the XL6 is sold through the NEXA dealerships and starts from Rs. 9.84 lakhs ex-showroom. 

Mahindra Marazzo

Best cars to buy if you have elders at home

Mahindra Marazzo didn’t sell in numbers that we were expecting but that does not mean it is not a good choice. The Marazzo is bigger than the Ertiga which means that it offers more space inside the cabin and is more comfortable. The second row is the most relaxed place to be in because it slides and offers plenty of legroom while the 3rd row of seats are not completely useless because the occupant is not sitting on the floor.

The engine is powerful and can keep up even if the MPV is fully loaded. Thanks to the ladder-frame chassis, road bumps rarely filter through the cabin which means the ride is mostly comfortable and only the sharpest of potholes might disturb the occupants. Mahindra Marazzo starts from Rs. 9.99 lakhs ex-showroom which makes it a good deal if you do not have a budget of the Toyota Innova. 

Toyota Innova Crysta

Best cars to buy if you have elders at home

The Innova has been known as the perfect family car as it can seat 7 people comfortably for a long journey. You also get the reliability of Toyota’s tried and tested powertrains. You can get it with captain seats for the middle row which are comfortable for a person of probably any size and age. The doors open wide and the elderly people will be more than comfortable in the second row. Headroom, knee room and shoulder room is plentiful for any person. Innova is also based on a ladder frame chassis which means the big potholes and bumps of our roads does not affect it much. On the highways also the Innova can hold triple-digit speeds with ease without bouncing around too much. Toyota Innova Crysta starts from Rs. 15.36 lakhs ex-showroom.

Tata Altroz

Best cars to buy if you have elders at home

Tata Altroz has also made to this list because it is the most spacious sub-4 metre hatchback in India. The seats are comfortable and accommodating while the legroom is also enough. However, the main highlight of the Altroz is that the doors of the hatchback open at 90-degrees which makes ingress and egress extremely easy. Speaking of the handling, the body roll is very well managed, the hatchback is stable while holding triple digits speeds and provides excellent ride quality. Tata Altroz starts at Rs. 5.29 lakhs ex-showroom.

Buying a car if you have elders at home can be a bit tricky so always keep in mind, the requirements of the older people. Also, if possible before purchasing the vehicle, go for a test drive with elders because then they will also be able to give their opinion.