Best Used Car Deals In Ahmedabad for Sedan Under 6 lakhs From Cartoq TRUE PRICE

Comfort, safety and tons of features combine with prestige make sedans highly desirable for many. They currently range between Rs 8,00,000 – Rs 15,00,000 on the new car market. The used version is an ideal buy for those who want a bigger car to create a bigger impression for the price of a high-end hatchback. Verna has the best deals but Honda is the best alrounder and most sought after car in this segment.

Cartoq True Price Featured

Used Sedan average around Rs 4,50,000 in Ahmedabad with lower end tending to be around Rs 3,99,250 and upper end tending to be around Rs 5,25,000. The higher end of the range will get you RAPID which is 7 years old while if you veer towards the minimum, then you will have to contend with VENTO which is 6 years old. So, what should you go for? Which are the best deals available on the market?

Recommendation #1: Volkswagen Vento Highline TDi AT

Volkswagen Vento Highline Tdi At
Year: 2016 / Kms Driven: 76,711 / List Price: Rs 560,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 1,260,000

This entry, which comes at a discount of 56% to its original price is 3 years old and has done 76,711 Kms. This diesel-powered, VENTO is currently with its first owner. Vento is a very well built car but, and this is a very big BUT the otherwise excellent dual-clutch automatic gearbox is prone to failure [or the dealers do hanky-panky to make money]. Fixing the gearbox can cost upwards of Rs 3 lakh defeating the point of buying a used car. Everything else about the car top-notch: it drives very well, is safe and frugal and the listing price is attractive.


Recommendation #2: Volkswagen Vento Highline Diesel

Volkswagen Vento Highline Diesel
Year: 2011 / Kms Driven: 94,891 / List Price: Rs 175,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 934,200

This entry, which comes at a discount of 81% to its original price is 8 years old and has done 94,891 Kms. This diesel-powered, VENTO is currently with its third owner. Lots of kilometers on the odo but the asking price is in the used Alto range! And its a diesel…so a good option if you are looking for second car for neighbourhood errands. Do get it checked thoroughly though.


Recommendation #3: Honda City SV MT Diesel

Honda City Sv Mt Diesel
Year: 2015 / Kms Driven: 58,891 / List Price: Rs 575,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 994,000

This entry, which comes at a discount of 42% to its original price is 4 years old and has done 58,891 Kms. Currently with its first owner, this CITY comes with a diesel powerplant. Deals is sweet since it is in the 3-5 year band. This is the best City by far, an early 4th gen sample some of which had twitching behaviour at high speeds, poor headlamp throw and water leakage issues. None of these are deal breakers but its better to be aware of them and get them fixed right at the beginning. Due to low ground clearance, most Citys have scraped underbody so have that checked thoroughly.


The median price at which Sedan have sold in Ahmedabad is typically in the range listed in the plot below.


Since the final selling price data is not available, we estimate the actual selling prices to be 5-10% lower than this. Another tip: the most popular that gets bought and sold in Ahmedabad in the Sedan category is Hyundai Verna.