10 biggest challenges a supercar owner faces in India

Owning a supercar is one of the biggest dreams a car enthusiast has in his mind and heart. However, while the overall experience of owning a supercar looks very fancy and desirable in the first place, it is not a cakewalk in the real world. There are a lot of challenges and difficulties which a supercar owner faces daily. Here are some of them:

Unwanted attention

Even though there are plenty of supercars in Indian now, they are still a rare sight on roads. The supercars act like a crowd-magnet and you will not be able to escape the fanboyism from fellow road users. There have been several incidents where supercar owners have got mobbed on the road by onlookers. Driving a supercar on Indian roads is all about escaping the crowds.

Low ground clearance

Unlike other mainstream passenger vehicles, supercars have extremely little ground clearance that helps them in incredible levels of stability. However, the low ground clearance becomes a curse while driving on usual city roads filled with obstructions, like speed breakers and potholes.

Expensive repairs

10 biggest challenges a supercar owner faces in India

After a supercar meets an inevitable crash or part failure, the struggles of sourcing the parts of making repairs can be a difficult task to execute. Usually, the body panels of the supercars cannot be repaired, and once damaged, have to be replaced entirely. All these factors make repairing supercars an expensive affair.

Lowered visibility

10 biggest challenges a supercar owner faces in India

Unlike in sedans and SUVs, one is seated very low in a supercar. The low seating position usually leads to the formation of blind spots and a lack of clear vision of the roads ahead. Due to the low heights of the supercars, they are sometimes not easily seen by bigger vehicles like trucks, buses and SUVs, which make them vulnerable to accidents.

High service costs

10 biggest challenges a supercar owner faces in India

Like repairing costs, even the basic service costs of the supercars can dig a deep hole in pockets. The basic scheduled services of supercars are very expensive, and can easily command a bill of Rs 1 lakh in some cases as well. Also, these supercars need to be serviced only by skilled labour at authorized service centres and not just at any roadside workshop.

Time is taken for servicing

Unlike in mainstream passenger vehicles which usually take only 1-2 days for general servicing, the supercars take up to seven days for the same job. The authorized service centre network of supercars isn’t as extensive as in the case of other common mass-oriented car makers, with only a handful of service centres that are occupied wholly every time.

Expensive tyres

10 biggest challenges a supercar owner faces in India

For optimal grip and performance, the tyres used in supercars usually come with soft compounds, which gives them the much-needed super-sticky characteristics even at higher speeds. The downside of these tyres is that they have a much lesser life span compared to the tyres used in mainstream passenger cars. Usually imported in India, these super sticky high-performance tyres of a supercar are very expensive to replace.

Use of only high-quality fuel

10 biggest challenges a supercar owner faces in India

All the supercars have engines that come with high-performance parts and operate at a high compression ratio. For optimal performance, these engines are recommended to be fed with only high-octane fuel and not just any other low-grade petrol. The availability of high-octane fuel is not as widespread as other lower-grade fuels, and in some cases, the quality of even those high octane fuels is questionable. Using low-grade fuel in a supercar can lead to knocking, which can eventually lead to seizing the engine.

Not able to fully utilize the available potential

The real fun and thrill of driving a supercar can be enjoyed at higher speeds, which in most cases are unattainable in our given traffic conditions and the state of the roads. The maximum potential of a supercar can be explored only at super smooth and long stretches of roads or in closed tracks. Such roads are very few, which make driving the supercars highly impractical and stressful in daily driving conditions.

Unsafe parking

Due to their exclusivity, supercars are a treat to see on the Indian roads, which make them high attention magnets. However, sometimes, this unwanted attention can cost the supercar a lot, as many people continuously try to click a picture or video with these supercars. In this process, there are high chances that these vehicles might get damaged in the form of unwarranted scratches or dents, which in turn can become an eyesore and are expensive to repair.

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