Biggest ‘Deal Breakers’ of India’s best selling cars

We all know that these cars are the best sellers in the market. Indian customers love these cars for many reasons but then, there are some deal breakers that make these cars inappropriate for a lot of buyers. Come, let’s find out.

Maruti Alto

Biggest ‘Deal Breakers’ of India’s best selling cars
Without a second thought, many people just buy the Alto as their first, second or even third car. There are almost 20,000 units of Alto selling each month. And for this reason, the Alto is India’s best selling car. In fact, this hatchback even features in the list of global best sellers.

Flaw: Just because it sells so much, you will see an Alto everywhere you go. This makes it ubiquitous, to the point of boring. Moreover, it’s very plain to look it. Since the car is Alto is targeted at young buyers, the insipid looks are a huge deal breaker for them. Advantage Kwid?

Maruti Baleno

Biggest ‘Deal Breakers’ of India’s best selling cars

The Baleno is a very good looking car. Launched in premium segment by Maruti, the car competes with premium hatchbacks such as the Hyundai i20 and Honda Jazz. The Baleno is light, it is powerful and is fun to drive. Also, being premium it is only available at the Nexa Dealerships of Maruti. Now, what is wrong with the car?

Flaw: The car sells as a premium hatchback through the premium Nexa dealerships but does not match up to the standard. The interiors of the Baleno are not up to the mark when compared with the Elite i20. The quality of plastic used is not bad but the car lacks upmarket feeling in it.

Maruti Swift

Biggest ‘Deal Breakers’ of India’s best selling cars
The Swift has been around for a very long time. The trusted car becomes the first choice of most people when they go to buy a mid-size hatchback in the market. The Swift has remained the undisputed leader in the segment since the car was launched.

Flaw: The Maruti Swift has become just too old now. The car was launched in 2004 and was updated once in 2011. But after that, the updates have stopped, making the Swift age quite rapidly. The car also is quite cramped at the rear, which is an absolute deal breaker for many.

Maruti Brezza

Biggest ‘Deal Breakers’ of India’s best selling cars
The Brezza was unveiled during the Auto Expo and was launched soon after that. Maruti’s first attempt in the compact SUV segment became a major hit. The Brezza looks amazing with dual body color and is priced just right to woo the Indian customers.

Flaw: The car was launched at a time when the market was starting to shift from the diesel to the petrol engines because of the price difference becoming less. But Maruti launched the car only with diesel engine option. Now people, who want the refinement of a petrol car can’t buy the Brezza, making this flaw a deal breaker for many.

Hyundai Creta

Biggest ‘Deal Breakers’ of India’s best selling cars
The Creta became the best selling car in the segment soon after its launch. The brilliant looks of the vehicle along with powerful engine made the car take the top spot in a short time. Even though the car has been selling like hot cakes, there is something troubling about the car.

Flaw: Hyundai has put a high price tag on the car. The Creta base petrol starts close to Rs. 9.5 lakh and misses out on features like Daytime Running Lamps, etc. Also, the price of the diesel top variant goes up to Rs. 14.6 lakh, which is too high for a compact SUV. There are better value-for-money options out there.

Maruti Ciaz

Biggest ‘Deal Breakers’ of India’s best selling cars
The launch of Ciaz marked Maruti’s entry back in the mid-size sedan segment after the defunct SX4. The car is very well appreciated in the market and overtook many other competitors in the same segment. The car also entered the top 10 selling cars in India last month.

Flaw: The Ciaz is a good car with the diesel engine that also comes with the hybrid system but when it comes to the petrol engine, the Ciaz does not do very well. The petrol powered Ciaz feels slow, and staid. With the customer preference changing from diesel to petrol cars, Ciaz has a very weak point there.

Mahindra Bolero

Biggest ‘Deal Breakers’ of India’s best selling cars
The most loved UV of India, Mahindra Bolero sells in tons. It has been the favorite car in rural areas and has become a status symbol in such regions.

Flaw: The 2.5 liter turbo diesel engine is not powerful. It takes ages to overtake on the highway and it is one major drawback of the Bolero.

Mahindra Scorpio

Biggest ‘Deal Breakers’ of India’s best selling cars
The Scorpio has been the most loved SUV since its launch in 2012. The rugged car in its new avatar looks brutal and captures a lot of customers in the market. Even though it has been best-selling SUV, there is a major shortcoming to the vehicle.

Flaw:  The Scorpio still doesn’t handle well at speeds, and feels scary under hard braking situations. This is something that Mahindra should have got right as the Scorpio is more than a decade old now.

Toyota Corolla Altis

Biggest ‘Deal Breakers’ of India’s best selling cars
The Corolla Altis is the best-selling car in the segment because of its long life and trustworthy petrol engine. The car also looks good and has been sitting on the top of the chain since a very long time. Corolla Altis is the first choice of many customers in the segment.

Flaw: The car is mostly used by people who want to be chauffeured around while they enjoy the back seat. The Altis comes with a refined petrol engine but the diesel engine, which is more popular in the segment is not up to the mark. The petrol engine is good but the diesel motor is very underpowered and suffers from too much turbo lag.

Mahindra XUV 500

Biggest ‘Deal Breakers’ of India’s best selling cars
Mahindra XUV500 spawned a new segment when it was launched with its attractive price tag. The car instantly became popular because of its aggressive looks and heavily equipped interiors. The 7-seats of the vehicle makes it very popular among Indian families.

Flaw: Mahindra cars come with a lot of niggles, and the XUV500 is an example. There are many issues like false warning lamp, sensors readings and other electrical failures from time to time.

Toyota Innova Crysta

Biggest ‘Deal Breakers’ of India’s best selling cars
There is no other MPV in the market that can compete with the Innova Crysta. In its latest upgrade, the Innova Crysta has become very practical and luxurious car. It is also the only budget car with comfortable seating for 7 adults.

Flaw: There is nothing wrong with the Innova Crysta, the car is absolutely perfect except the NVH level. It is widely used in the taxi industry and it does drive like one. The car is noisy, the engine is harsh and the steering of the car is very heavy.