Minister threatens cop with suspension for stopping his car

There is a common saying – ‘nobody is above the law’. The Indian law says that all are equal in front of the system. However, we have seen several instances in the past, where people in power have misused their authority and position. One such incident happened in Bihar, where an MLA created a scene on the open road to demand action against a policeman who stopped his car as a part of his routine.

The incident happened in the capital city of Patna, where the Toyota Innova Crysta of the BJP MLA Jivesh Mishra was stopped by a policeman to make way for the District Magistrate (DM) and Superintendent of Police (SP) of the city. Due to this, the MLA started objecting to prioritizing other government authorities above him. He questioned the existence of law for allowing the DM and SP above him, due to which his car was stopped to make way for them.

Says he got delayed for Assembly

Minister threatens cop with suspension for stopping his car

On being questioned by the media, he claimed that he is the government and stopping him to make way for others has delayed his schedule of attending the Legislative Assembly. He later blamed the DM and SP for the delay caused in the Legislative Assembly, which was already off to a chaotic start on Thursday. For this, he demanded the suspension of the policeman who stopped his car to allow the DM and SP to go first. He clearly said that he will be attending the Assembly House only after the policeman’s suspension.

At first, this seems to be an arrogant move from the minister for blaming the policeman who was just doing his duty. The statement that he made about himself being the government is something that contradicts the common notion of us being equal in front of the law. The higher government officials should act more responsible by abiding by the law and not create such unnecessary situations.

President of India’s convoy stopped earlier

Way back in 2017, a cop in Bengaluru stopped the convoy of former President – Late Pranab Mukherjee. The police officer on duty stopped the convoy of the president to let an ambulance pass through. He was showered with appreciation from the city and became a hero on social media sites. Even the Bengaluru Police DCP Traffic East rewarded the police officer suitably to appreciate his decision and for keeping the ambulance over the first citizen of India.

Telangana Minister K.T. Rama Rao’s car received a challan on 2nd October for a traffic violation. Two days later, he called the police officers who issued the challan and commended their work. The minister called Sub-inspector of Police Ilaiah and constable Venkateshwarlu to his office. He then commended the work done by these police officers and also presented flower bouquets and shawls. The Police Commissioner of Hyderabad Police, Anjani Kumar was also present at the facilitation done by the minister.