Bike hits XUV700 at 25 Kmph: SUV owner questions safety after ADAS and airbags didn’t deploy

bike vs mahindra xuv700 crash

Mahindra XUV700 is undoubtedly one of the most successful cars in the Indian market. Equipped with a G-NCAP 5 star rating and features like ADAS, there are many who chose the flagship vehicle from Mahindra over other options. But this owner questioned the safety features after an accident.

The owner of the car Irfaq Syed, said in a post on social media that his Mahindra XUV700 AX7L got into an accident in November. He says that the XUV700 was cruising at a speed of around 45 km/h when the vehicle collided with an oncoming 2 wheeler. He has shared the picture of the car which shows massive damage to the front end of the vehicle.

The onboard video from Mahindra XUV700 shows various angles of the impact. In the video, we can see the single lane road and a bus coming towards the car. According to the GPS, the XUV700 is doing 55 km/h but reduced the speed to about 25 km/h at the time of the impact. The video shows that a motorcycle trying to overtake the bus suddenly appears from behind the bus and crashes into the XUV700’s front right fender.

The picture of the car after the impact shows that the front fender and the bumper are broken and are completely destroyed in the impact.

The owner claims that the Autonomous Emergency Brakes (AEB) did not work to stop the car. However, we are not sure if the slowdown was caused by the driver of the car or the AEB. Nonetheless, the owner has also questioned the working of airbags and how they did not open on the impact.

AEB and other autonomous features depend on the array of sensors and cameras on the car. They may not function as intended in certain situations. While we cannot confirm if the AEB triggered the sudden braking that we get to see in the video, it is possible for Mahindra service centre to check the logs and tell us what really happened. Even airbags may not work in a certain situations, especially when the first impact happens at a place where there are no sensors.

Owner wants answers

Bike hits XUV700 at 25 Kmph: SUV owner questions safety after ADAS and airbags didn’t deploy

Irfaq Syed has asked a few questions to Mahindra after not receiving any reply from the service centre. He wants to know why Mahindra service centre is not replying to his texts or answering his calls. The owner is yet to receive his repaired vehicles and is also asking if there is a problem with spare parts.

He says, “I’m sharing this here after patiently waiting, following-up, requesting for updates from service center which no longer is responsive — It’s been an entire week and they’ve totally ignored my calls, messages, and emails. The service advisor handling the vehicle all the way up to the bodyshop manager, no one to answer. They’re probably helpless too as there are no parts? What is Mahindra doing is unclear? No ETA is being given but at least an update on progress would’ve been appreciated, not total ignorance. Further, I request Mahindra to kindly investigate and provide with a detailed report on why airbags didn’t deploy, why AEB did not work, and what are the parameters for it to trigger? It’ll not only help me understand the tech behind ADAS/Airbags better but also everyone else who may have a confusion and concerns.” Also Read: Daughter ties rakhi to Mahindra XUV700 after it saves her father’s life [Video]