Bike mods gone CRAZY; From Harleys to Enfields

Bike mods gone CRAZY; From Harleys to Enfields

People modify their vehicles to stand out from the crowd but there are times when the modifications go crazy. Here is a slew of modifications done in India that will make you cringe. These ten motorcycles will show you how not to go too far to attain individualism.


Most Harley-Davidson motorcycles will easily get lost in the sea of bikes in India, especially the affordable ones. This Harley-Davidson Street 750 based custom is so different that it can be spotted easily. It serves the purpose of looking unique but the out-of-proportion fibre body panels and the weird-looking headlamp housing transforms the elegant Harley-Davidson into a wacky looking two-wheeler.

Bajaj Pulsar

The Suzuki Hayabusa is the ultimate nirvana for many motorcycle enthusiasts, we get it totally. However, putting the body of Hayabusa on a Bajaj Pulsar 220 is nothing less than a crime. The skinny tyres and an odd looking exhaust further look like an eyesore on this modified example.

Royal Enfield

This Royal Enfield based custom job tries to be a custom chopper but fails terribly at it. The custom job adds a huge headlamp housing with asymmetrical lamps mounted on it. The motorcycle gets huge capacity for carrying luggage though. It gets two hard boxes mounted on the panniers and a top box on the rear seat. Visually, it looks like a wannabe though.

Royal Wing

The Honda Goldwing is known for its exemplary seats and premium features. However, the Goldwing comes with a price tag that only people with deep pockets can afford. Here is a rip-off Goldwing based on a Royal Enfield motorcycle. The bike gets a huge fairing similar to the Goldwing and sofa-esque seats too.


The Gladiator is a popular Hollywood flick. If you have seen the movie, you will be pleased to know that there were no motorbikes in it or they could have looked this one. The Royal Enfield based modification job gets twin-pod headlamps with projectors and HID. There is also a spike hammer inspired air-filter cover and a Gladiator moniker for people who do not realise that this is inspired by the movie.


Another Royal Enfield based mod job that will instantly become the centre of attraction and the topic of discussion among the onlookers. The bike gets a skeleton headlamp set-up and a new tank. There are fake snakes tangled to the rear of the motorcycle. A true love of a Tantric biker.


Skeletons only look good in the biology labs and at times in the movies. However, very few would fantasise the skeleton as their personal vehicle. Here is an example where the motorcycle has been heavily modified to look like a skeleton and the hip is the seat. Take some time to absorb that!


The RX 100 is a legendary bike. There are many resto-modded examples of the bike but this one is unique. It seems that the owner loved the way cars look but wanted to stick with a motorcycle only. The mod job looks heavily inspired car design and does not go well on the bike.


Remeber yourself drawing a two-wheeler with your new set of crayons a decade or two back? Well, here is the real-life form of the same. Rajdoot GTS was one of its kind motorcycle in India, the mod job with multi-coloured panels will make the enthusiasts cringe!


Many Indian motorcyclists over utilise their bikes by making more than two people sit on it. This person has found a way to make such journeys comfortable. The Royal Enfield Thunderbird based modification gets extended wheelbase with extra tyre and two extra seats!

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