Bike mods gone CRAZY: Part III

Limousine Enticer

Here is one more limousine motorcycle based on a Yamaha, in this case the Enticer 125cc cruiser. This custom job has gone a step ahead, adding a wheel in the process. While the swing arm has been extended to accommodate the additional wheel, it doesn’t get a chain drive though.

Easy Rider

[Image courtesy Team-BHP]

Now, this is a chopper job that’ll go straight to the weird and wacky section. We can’t fathom why anyone would want to jack up the front fork so high that sitting on the motorcycle would be a task in itself. Well, hanging onto dear life would be more like it. The gentleman in the picture seems to be liking it though.

Light House

Ride/drive on high beam. Just imagine is you happen to have something like this coming in the opposite direction. If lights could kill, this would be the winner that takes it all. If lights could kill.

Monster Bike 2

Here’s another monster bike that can’t do with two wheels. It needs four wheels just to star upright. Just look at the sheer size of this steed.