Overspeeding Biker Crashes into Car from Rear [Video]

Bike rear end accident

Two-wheelers offer a ton of convenience to city residents. However, riding them requires a lot of skill and alertness. If the rider is not obeying the traffic rules and does not pay attention to the road, accidents are more likely to happen. Recently, showing one such example of not riding a bike at a controlled speed and without alertness, a video has been shared online. In this dashcam footage, a bike rider was seen getting involved in a rear-end collision with a car.

This video of a bike rider crashing into the rear of the car has been on YouTube. It comes courtesy of Nikhil Rana. As per the creator of the video, this particular clip from the rear dashcam of a car was shared with him from Kolkata. He stated that the exact location of this accident has not been shared.

Bike rider crashes into car

From the video, we can note that it seems like a fairly normal main road of any city. However, what happens in a moment is that the car from which this footage was recorded braked in the middle of the road. Now the exact reason why he braked has not been revealed. However, it is being speculated that something might have come in front.

It could either be a person or it could also be the fact that someone else also braked in front of this car. However, whatever might be the reason, what happened after this braking action was that the bike rider coming from behind could not stop on time. Hence, he crashed into the rear of this car.

Overspeeding Biker Crashes into Car from Rear [Video]

Who was at fault?

From what we can observe, the majority fault in this particular accident is of the bike rider. This is because the bike rider was riding at a slightly higher speed than the other vehicles on the same road. Also, he did not note in time that the car had stopped in front of him. Hence, he could not control the bike and crashed.

Is the rider okay?

We can note that the rider of the bike crashed with the car with a lot of force. The impact of this accident was so strong that the bike became airborne and most likely fell on the road after hitting the rear and roof of the car. His bike was thrown away.

Overspeeding Biker Crashes into Car from Rear [Video]

What happened next?

After the crash, it can be noted that the rider was helped by a number of people passing by. A police officer can also be seen helping the rider after the accident. He was made to sit on the sidewalk, meanwhile, the car driver parked his car on the side of the road. Thankfully, the rider was wearing a helmet and that saved him from getting any damage to the head.

How to avoid such accidents?

Overspeeding Biker Crashes into Car from Rear [Video]
Biker crashed into car

As stated above, riding two-wheelers in India is no piece of cake. In order to avoid such accidents of rear-ending vehicles, there is a lot to learn. Here are five tips that will help you become a better motorcycle rider and keep you safe.

Maintain a Safe Following Distance

When riding two-wheelers on public roads, always maintain a considerable distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. This is because it gives you enough time to react if the vehicle suddenly stops or slows down.

A good rule of thumb is to maintain a distance of at least two to three seconds behind the vehicle. We also suggest you increase this gap when the weather conditions are poor, as the roads are a lot more slippery when they are wet, so stopping a vehicle becomes even harder.

Overspeeding Biker Crashes into Car from Rear [Video]
Biker rear-ended Swift

Anticipate and Predict Traffic Movements

As we have said on multiple occasions, always stay alert and constantly observe the behavior of vehicles ahead. When riding, always look ahead and note the brake lights, turn signals, and other indicators that a vehicle might stop or change direction. If you are aware of traffic flow and anticipating potential stops, you can easily avoid collisions on the road.

Maintain Controllable Speed

The mistake that the rider in the video above made was that he was riding at a slightly higher speed. Had his speed been a little lower, he could have stopped on time. This is why we suggest you only ride two-wheelers at speeds you know you can control and stop at any point.

Overspeeding Biker Crashes into Car from Rear [Video]

Avoid Distractions

Also, stay focused on the road and avoid any distractions such as using your phone. Trying to adjust your music or engaging in conversation can also lead to accidents. Keep your full attention on the traffic around you. Careless biker crashes into rear of a Maruti Suzuki Swift.

Use Both Brakes Effectively

Learn and practice using both the front and rear brakes to stop your bike efficiently. Applying both brakes evenly helps you stop more quickly and maintain control of your bike. Also, it is very important to make sure that your brakes are well-maintained and responsive.