Son on Harley takes elderly mum on 400 kms road trip

Harley Davidson X440 ride with mom

Many motorcycling enthusiasts want to take a long road trip on their bike to witness the true beauty of nature and experience an unparalleled riding experience. However, not many riders we know would think of doing such a road trip with one of their parents. Recently, a man from Mumbai shared a video of him taking his mother on a 380 km long road trip. He did this on his new Harley Davidson X440 motorcycle.


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This video of a man and his mother going on a 380 km long trip has come courtesy of Sandy Veer from Instagram. It starts off with the man wearing his complete safety gear including a riding jacket, riding pads, shoes, and gloves. At the same time, the video shows his mother also wearing a riding jacket and pads along with shoes.

Son on Harley takes elderly mum on 400 kms road trip

Following this, they both come out of their home with their helmets in hand. Next up, the man can be seen lighting incense sticks and praying in front of his red Harley Davidson X440 motorcycle. For those who may not be aware, this is a Hindu ritual which is generally performed before commencing a journey or an auspicious activity.

The ride begins

Son on Harley takes elderly mum on 400 kms road trip

Soon after this, the video shows that they start their ride at 5:30 AM and leave the city of Mumbai. Moving on, the video shows that the man was riding the bike fully equipped with necessary safety gear and his GoPro mounted on his helmet to record the entire journey.

Son on Harley takes elderly mum on 400 kms road trip

Next up, the video mentions that the mother and son duo is traveling from Mumbai to Konkan, which is a 380 km ride. During this ride, the man then shares that they reached Ploadpur at 10:30 AM where they had their breakfast of the popular snack “Vada pav.”

Following this breakfast break, they continue their journey. They can be seen riding through mountain roads, through tunnels, and other scenic roads. Afterward, the video shows that they once again stopped in the middle of the road to take a necessary break.

Son on Harley takes elderly mum on 400 kms road trip

During this break, the mother was seen plucking some grass as a recreational activity. Next up, the video shows that they also had to endure a lot of harsh rain on the road. However, as the rider was prepared, we can note that both he and his mother, along with their gear, had raincoats to protect from the water.

Finally, the video shows the mother-son duo reaching their home in Konkan at around 4:15 PM. It can be noted that both were completely fine and the mother and son both gave a thumbs up to this unique riding experience.

Netizens’ reactions

Son on Harley takes elderly mum on 400 kms road trip

Many netizens on this unique post commented that this is a very heartwarming video. They said that such long road trips help parents and their sons and daughters to bond. Some commenters said this video made them realize that they can also do such trips to bond with their parents.

Now, as there are two sides to every coin, some netizens were not happy with this beautiful video. They stated that the man should not have given his mother such stress for a video. To this, the video creator shared that this plan was made by both him and his mother. He just happened to record it. Also, he said that his mother is completely fit and fine and she enjoyed every bit of it.

Harley Davidson X440

As for the bike used in this video, as mentioned it is the new Harley Davidson X440 motorcycle. This bike is priced at Rs 2.4 lakh. It comes powered by a 440cc, air or oil-cooled engine. This motor produces a maximum power of 27 bhp and a peak torque of 38 Nm. It comes paired with a six-speed gearbox.