Cobra Rescued From Hero Pleasure Scooter’s Headlamp [Video]

cobra rescue hero pleasure scooter

The intense summer heat across India has made humans and animals seek shade wherever they can find it. And because of this exact reason, recently a Cobra – one of the most dangerous snakes in the world – was rescued from the front panel of a Hero Pleasure scooter. In this video, the snake was seen getting pulled out from the headlight cover of this scooter, and it was extremely angry. The snake was even seen biting the handlebar of this scooter.

Cobra being rescued

This video of the Cobra snake being rescued from a scooter has been shared on Instagram. It comes courtesy of Rajesh Indori Snake Rescuer. It starts with the rescuer first showing the scooter with its front panel opened and the body of the Cobra in the hands of a person. He states that it has now moved to the headlight cover.

After this, it can be noted that the headlight cover has been loosened up to help make room for the snake’s rescue. The video then shows the rescuer showing the snake being stuck inside the headlight cover. He states that this head is exactly where he has held the cover.

Cobra Rescued From Hero Pleasure Scooter’s Headlamp [Video]

Following this, the rescuer can be seen trying to pull out that snake from the headlight housing. However, the snake, as can be noted, is a little thick and was unable to come out of the cover. During this, the rescuer can be heard saying that he is afraid the snake can bite itself.

After this, the rescuer continues to pull out the snake, and it can be noted that the snake indeed was trying to bite itself. Following this, the person mentions that the snake is extremely angry and frustrated, and because of it, he is biting whatever he finds.

Cobra and its venom

We can observe that it even bites the left handlebar of the Pleasure. Following this, the rescuer highlights that this snake is releasing venom everywhere. For those who may not be aware, the amount of venom released by a Cobra in a single bite is enough to kill many adults.

Cobra finally reaches safety

Cobra Rescued From Hero Pleasure Scooter’s Headlamp [Video]

Following this, the rescuer then puts the snake on the road. He highlights that now the snake has become calm, and it is now not biting anything. He then slowly puts a cloth bag in front of the snake and helps it to get inside.

Snake found inside a helmet

Just a few days ago, we shared another post where a small non-venomous snake was rescued from a helmet. Yes, you heard that right. This particular snake was rescued from the top portion of a helmet where generally no one would ever suspect a snake to reside.


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It was reported that the person who owned this helmet was inside a park. Reports suggest that it could have entered the helmet there. After this, an animal conservationist arrived at the place and rescued this tiny snake from the helmet. He mentioned that it is a non-venomous common Trinket snake, and it is generally seen around bushes.