Cricket Legend And Motorcycle Buff MS Dhoni Seen Riding Super Rare, Vintage Yamaha R1-Z [Video]

Dhoni riding R1-Z

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, or MS Dhoni, is an avid biker and car enthusiast. We have seen him ride his prized possessions on several occasions. It looks like the former captain of the Indian cricket team has a soft spot for Yamaha motorcycles. We have seen him ride RD350s and RX100s on the road and inside his private residence in Ranchi several times. This time, we have a new video where Dhoni is seen riding a different motorcycle than usual. Captain Cool was seen riding a super rare Yamaha R1-Z motorcycle on the road.

The videos and images of Dhoni riding the R1-Z have surfaced on various social media platforms. This particular video was shared by Adhirajsinh Jadeja on his X profile. In this video, we see MS Dhoni riding his Yamaha R1-Z bike on the road. The location is not mentioned; however, it is highly likely to be Ranchi.

Cricket Legend And Motorcycle Buff MS Dhoni Seen Riding Super Rare, Vintage Yamaha R1-Z [Video]
Dhoni riding R1-Z

The former Indian cricketer rides the bike and, just before overtaking the vehicle from which the video was recorded, he waves at the person. The video ends there abruptly. We see Dhoni riding the bike wearing a proper riding helmet, which we really appreciate. The trellis frame of the bike is visible in the video. The star in this video was the bike. It was actually a Yamaha R1-Z, which is an extremely rare motorcycle in India.

We feel there are not many examples of this bike in India, and Dhoni owns one of them. The neo-retro design of the bike looks extremely good and makes it a timeless machine. Dhoni’s bike is finished in a shade of white and looks in pretty good shape. It was launched in the market during a time when supersport motorcycles were a thing.

The R1-Z was a naked sports bike that went against the norms, and the engine on this motorcycle was tuned in such a manner that it was easier to ride in the city. The R1-Z, just like all the other bikes in Dhoni’s collection, looks well-maintained.

The R1-Z is powered by a 247-cc, parallel-twin, two-stroke, liquid-cooled engine. This engine generates 45 PS and 36.3 Nm of peak torque. As the video was recorded from the left-hand side of the bike, we do not see the twin exhausts on this motorcycle.

This is one of the rarest motorcycles that Dhoni owns in his garage. The reason why we said we feel Dhoni has a soft spot for Yamahas is because he owns several motorcycles from this brand.

Most of them are classic or retro models. He owns multiple RD350s, and some of them are custom-built. Other than the RX100s and RD350s, Dhoni owns bikes like the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R, Kawasaki Ninja H2, Ducati 1098, Harley Davidson Fat Boy, and the Confederate X132 Hellcat, which is again a very rare bike.

He also owns vintage BSA bikes and recently bought a Jawa 42 Bobber motorcycle in a custom Jade Green paint job. Other than the bikes, the cricketer also owns a wide variety of vintage and classic cars and SUVs. He also got himself a brand new G63 AMG, as that was his dream car for a very long time.