Old Couple On KTM RC390 Sportsbike Prove That Age Is Just A Number [Video]

old couple on ktm sportsbike

Indian roads never fail to surprise. We often come across instances that are uncommon on our roads. For example, it is common to find an older couple riding a commuter motorcycle like a Hero Splendor. However, it is very rare to spot the same on an expensive motorcycle. There are several reasons behind this, but we are not here to talk about those reasons. We have now come across a video where we see an older couple riding a KTM RC 390 motorcycle effortlessly through the road.

The video was shared by a user on Facebook and is actually from Tamil Nadu. It was recorded from a car. In the video, we see a KTM RC motorcycle in front of the car. The person recording immediately takes out their phone from the moving car and captures the scene.

What’s so special about this bike, you ask? It is not the bike but the people riding it that make it special. The bike is ridden by an older man with his wife sitting as a pillion. You don’t see an older couple riding a performance bike like a KTM RC on the road every day. That is what makes this video special.

The couple noticed the man recording the video, and we can even see the older woman on the pillion smiling. The older man riding the bike was completely in control, and it didn’t look like he was struggling at all. We don’t think the KTM seen here is his daily ride; he might have other bikes at home.

Old Couple On KTM RC390 Sportsbike Prove That Age Is Just A Number [Video]
old couple riding KTM bike

The only negative aspect we could spot in this video was that neither the rider nor the pillion were wearing a helmet. If you go into more rural areas and villages of India, such helmetless riders are common. We would really like them to wear their helmets next time, even if they are riding for a short distance.

This is for their own safety, and we hope someone makes them understand how important riding gear is. motorcycles like the KTM RC and Duke are extremely powerful and it is very easy to lose control on such motorcycles. This older couple riding the KTM RC have once again proved that age is just a number.

Not the first time

As we said, Indian roads never fail to surprise. We have come across such interesting videos online before. A few months ago, a video went viral on the internet showing an older man on a Royal Enfield motorcycle doing donuts. Just like the older couple seen in this video, the man in that video was riding the bike effortlessly. In fact, he pulled off the stunt effortlessly, and it was quite cool to watch.

We have also seen a video of an older man from Rajasthan who gained popularity after a video of him starting his old diesel Bullet went viral. He has only used this diesel Bullet in his lifetime. In another video, we saw an 84-year-old grandpa start an older-generation Royal Enfield Bullet like a boss. The video proved how the right technique matters when starting such old bikes.