Reckless KTM Rider’s Head-On Crash Into Mini Van [Video]

KTM RC crashed into van

Reckless riders on our roads are not too hard to find. Many young riders who own affordable performance motorcycles from brands like KTM do not know how to ride the motorcycle properly or control it in case of an emergency. This often results in accidents, and we have seen many such accidents online. Here we have one such video that has been circulating on the internet. In this video, we see a KTM motorcycle being ridden recklessly with a pillion passenger crashing into a minivan coming from the other side of the road.

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The video was shared by a user on Reddit. In this video, we see a KTM RC bike being ridden recklessly on a narrow road with several curves. The video was recorded by a camera mounted on the helmet of another biker from the group. We can see that the biker was riding with a girl on the pillion seat.

He was probably racing with the other biker. As seen here, the road is not very wide and is not a one-way street. Just as the bike approaches a curve, the rider spots a minivan. The KTM rider did apply the brakes, but he forgot that he had a pillion with him. He initially pressed the rear brakes. The rear wheels locked, and the tail came out. The rider panicked and applied the front brakes.

The front wheels also locked, and the rear wheels lifted into the air. By this time, the minivan was too close to the bike. There was nothing the van driver could have done. The bike rider and pillion crashed into the driver’s side of the van.

Reckless KTM Rider’s Head-On Crash Into Mini Van [Video]
KTM RC crashed into van

It looks like the rider was wearing a helmet, but the pillion wasn’t. She hit her back on the car before falling on the road. Both rider and pillion were sandwiched between the bike and the van for a few seconds.

The video ends abruptly, and we have no idea how things ended here. From what is available, it looks like the biker and the pillion were injured in this crash. The girl on the pillion seat was probably more injured than the rider. There is a chance that she might have hit her hand or even her head on the road when she fell.

This video is a perfect example of why one must always be cautious while riding a two-wheeler. Always practice defensive driving methods. In this method, one should always expect the worst-case scenario and be prepared for it. Also, ensure that you are visible to other motorists, especially when you are riding two-wheelers.

Above all, be responsible on the road. Public roads are not the place to race, and as seen in this case, such irresponsible acts can lead to accidents. The exact location where this happened is also not clear, and we are not sure if any police action was taken against the rider in this case.

If you really want to show off your riding skills, take your bike to a private track or closed road. By racing on public roads, the rider is putting his own life and the lives of other innocent road users at risk.