Stupid Biker Couple Riding On The Wrong Side Versus Car: Crazy Dashcam Footage

wrong side couple vs car

Wrong side driving or riding is a serious issue on Indian roads, and we often take it casually. We have written about several accidents in the past caused by wrong side driving. In some cases, people have lost their lives. Here, we have one such accident that was recorded by a car’s dash camera. In this incident, a biker riding on the wrong side of the road crashed straight into the car and landed on the bonnet.

The video was shared by Mahenoor Khan on his YouTube channel. The accident happened in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh. The video was recorded by the dash camera of the car involved in the crash. In the video, we can see the car being driven on a four-lane highway in Madhya Pradesh. The highway is not too busy, and there are a decent number of vehicles and bikers passing through their respective lanes.

As the car moves ahead, we suddenly see two objects in the rightmost lane. The objects were actually two bikes. These bikers were on the wrong side of the road and were approaching the car. Normally, when a biker sees a car approaching, they move away from the lane or slow down. In this case, neither biker slowed down nor moved away.

Both bikers had a woman sitting on the pillion seat. One of the riders escaped the crash by riding too close to the median. However, the other biker probably panicked and didn’t know what to do. He simply crashed the bike into the car and landed on the bonnet. The rider and the woman on the pillion both fell on the bonnet before falling onto the road.

The person riding the bike was wearing a helmet; however, the woman was not. The woman quickly got up and started checking on the rider, who was lying on the road. Later in the video, we see the driver pulling the car to the left shoulder of the highway. He then speaks to the people who gathered after the crash. He was also trying to get out of the situation by showing the locals the footage from the dash camera. While all this was happening, we could still see several bikers riding on the wrong side.

Not the First Time

Stupid Biker Couple Riding On The Wrong Side Versus Car: Crazy Dashcam Footage
Biker crashed into car

This is not the first time we have seen an accident like this on video. In this case, the biker is completely at fault. The car driver probably didn’t get enough time to slow down or move away from the lane, as all of it happened in a matter of seconds. These bikers were probably riding in the rightmost lane in search of a gap in the median.

This is a usual sight on highways where there are no service roads. We have several highways in India where locals do not have proper access roads to reach the other side of the highway or road. A cut in the median is often kilometers away, which forces them to take such reckless measures.

However, this is no excuse to ride on the wrong side. This is another example that shows why one must always be careful while riding or driving on Indian roads and highways. Right of way is non-existent in India. If you spot a vehicle approaching from the wrong side, slow down and move away from the lane to avoid any accident. Besides people driving on the wrong side, motorists face threats from stray cattle, wild animals, dogs, and jaywalkers on Indian roads.

Avoid Road Rage

If you are frustrated with this behavior on the road, never react by getting into an argument or road rage. Always try to remain calm, and if you feel threatened, call the police for help. If you want the police to take action, you can show them video evidence or take a picture of the bike or vehicle coming from the wrong side and share it with the police department online.