Bike stuck on railway crossing blown to pieces after getting hit by a train [Video]

India has one of the largest railroad networks in the world. Railway crossing accidents are quite common across the country and we have seen them in the past too. This one is from Etawah, Uttar Pradesh where a motorcycle rider was saved by a whisker after he abandoned rescuing his motorcycle that fell on the railway track. The speeding train crushed the motorcycle and we could see parts flying around.

The video is taken from CCTV footage of an unmanned railway crossing in Etawah. The video shows that the man on the bike was trying to cross the railway crossing. A train was already passing through so he went until the train and stopped there. However, when everyone noticed that another train is approaching the track where they stood, everyone started to move quickly.

The man on the bike also tried to get clear of the track. But, his motorcycle fell on the track while taking a U-Turn. The man then attempted to rescue his motorcycle by dragging it. However, the motorcycle was stuck to the track. He also tried picking up the motorcycle.

In the end, he abandoned the motorcycle and saved himself by running away. The speeding train hit the motorcycle at a high speed and tore it down to hundreds of flying pieces. Such incidents are not uncommon, especially at unmanned crossings.

Railway crossing in India

Bike stuck on railway crossing blown to pieces after getting hit by a train [Video]

There are numerous railway crossings across the length and breadth of the country. Major mishaps happen regularly at the railway crossings and that is why almost all of them are manned. It means almost all the crossings have a person who raises and lowers the barricades whenever a train is on its way. However, it is not enough as people still try to cross the track even after the gates close down. Since trains are extremely heavy and take a long distance to slow down, they simply cannot reduce speeds when they see an obstacle or a person on the track ahead.

This is why it is always advisable to stop and let the train pass. Most of them take less than a minute. If you lose balance and fall down or get stuck in front of a speeding train, there are almost no chances of you getting away from the situation. The government and the railway authorities have made many overbridges to overcome this problem. However, it does not seem to be enough at the moment.

Crossing a railway track

Losing patience on the road is one of the primary reasons for accidents. The video shows many trying to reach the other side of the track before the train arrives. There are bikers and pedestrians who are equally enthusiastic to cross the railway track and reach the opposite side. The video shows that the train takes exactly a few seconds to pass through the crossing. Only for a matter of a few seconds, did the person put himself and many around him in danger.

The video shows how the parts from the motorcycle fly all around after the train hits it. Someone standing nearby could have been injured due to this. Also, a major mishap could have happened if the bike and the train made more direct contact with each other.

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