Bike thief stops right in front of bike owner to fill petrol in Kerala: Busted [Video]

India is a country where vehicle theft is a significant concern. We have encountered several reports of vehicle theft from various parts of the country, and in most cases, it is difficult to track the stolen vehicles. Thieves usually dismantle the vehicles entirely and sell the parts individually in the market. However, an interesting incident occurred in Kerala, where the owner was able to retrieve his stolen motorcycle after the thief rode it to a petrol pump to refuel. The entire episode was captured on CCTV installed at the filling station.

The YouTube channel Kannada Info Light has shared a video report, which is not original content. The original video report was from a  Malayalam news channel. According to the original report, Praveen, a Panchayat member of Kadalundi village in Kozhikode district, had his motorcycle stolen from Kozhikode city last Saturday. The next day, Praveen went to a nearby police station to report the theft, but the officers asked him to provide the original documents of the stolen motorcycle. Praveen and his friends then drove to his house in Kadalundi to retrieve the original documents.

While on their way home, Praveen’s friend drove their car to a fuel pump to fill up on petrol. As they were entering the station, a motorcycle overtook them from the left-hand side and cut in front of their car in line. Praveen noticed that the bike was actually his stolen motorcycle, which had been taken with a pillion rider and proper riding helmet. He immediately alerted his friends, and they sprang into action to catch the thief.

Bike thief stops right in front of bike owner to fill petrol in Kerala: Busted [Video]
bike thief riding into petrol pump

The video shown here was captured by the CCTV cameras installed at the petrol pump. While Praveen’s friends cornered the thief, he took out his phone to click a picture of the thief. Realizing he was in trouble, the thief fled the spot. Praveen and his friends however managed to catch the pillion who was with the thief and hanfed him over to the police. However, the thief escaped from police custody while being transported to jail. The entire incident resembled a scene from a movie where the stolen vehicle reappears in front of its owner. The entire event was recorded on CCTV cameras installed at the petrol pump. The thief fled without removing his helmet, making it difficult to identify him in the video footage. However, he was seen removing his helmet as he ran out of the petrol pump.

Motorcycles are prime targets for thieves, especially as most come with only a handlebar lock and lack modern security features. The stolen motorcycle in this video appears to be a Hero Splendor, which does not come with tracking devices or burglar alarms. To increase your motorcycle’s security, consider installing aftermarket locks on the wheels or handlebars, as well as vehicle immobilizers or trackers. When parking your motorcycle outside your house at night, make sure it is in a well-lit area where people can easily see it. Additionally, use heavy chains to secure the bike if you don’t have any of the aforementioned devices. Thieves usually do not spend much time attempting to steal a vehicle, and will often abandon the attempt if it takes too long, as it increases their chances of being caught.