Bike thieves show how EASY it is to steal a Royal Enfield

India has a major problem with vehicle thefts. Two-wheelers become an easy target for the thieves as they are easy targets for the thieves in India. Here a thieve shows his skills to start a Royal Enfield Classic in under 30 seconds after breaking the lock.

That sounds scary!

Motorcycles are easy targets as they have exposed locks and wirings. Thieves use simple techniques to break the lock and then bypass the ignition to start the motorcycle. The thief has been caught by the cops and is demonstrating the technique to the cops.

The thief starts with breaking the lock. To do this, he pushes the handle of the Royal Enfield Classic to the opposite side of the lock. It requires some strength but the metal that obstructs the movement of the handle when it is locked breaks bends. The bent metal provides free movement of the handle.

Now to start the motorcycle, the thief pulls out the ignition wires and bypasses the need for the key by simply connecting them together. The Royal Enfield Classic comes to life with a push on the starter-key.

The whole process may take less than 30 seconds if the thief works alone and there are no cops watching him. He was being modest in front of the cops and still did the whole process in under one minute. Not only Royal Enfield motorcycles but the same process can be followed on any motorcycle without immobilizer. The motorcycles with fairing may prove to be little difficult because of the wires are tucked away but with a little pulling, the wires will come out.

Extra layer of protection

It is imperative to put an extra layer of security on the motorcycles. There are many aftermarket products to keep your motorcycle safe when you’re away.

  • Put a disc lock. It is a mechanism that is fixed on the disc brake of the motorcycle and stops it from moving even if the handle is free.
  • Tyre lock. It is for the motorcycles that do not have disc brakes. Tyre locks are pretty famous in India. It is fixed on the front suspension and goes through the tyre to physically lock the wheel.
  • Brake lock. There are devices that squeezes the brake lever and the rider can then lock it. It keeps the brake engaged while the owner is away and keeps the motorcycle safe.
  • Use GPS devices. Install GPS device to know the real time location of the motorcycle. Cheap devices are available in the market and can be installed without voiding warranty.
  • Always park in a well lit place. Thieves usually target the vehicles that are parked at a dark corner without any public movement. Always choose parking space carefully.