Biker and driver hold hands while driving – This is the result

When you hold someone’s hand in India, you are telling that someone that you are expressing your affection towards them. However, things took a rather weird and unfortunate twist when a Chevrolet Enjoy driver in Nedumbassery, near Kochi, decided to drive while holding hands with a motorcyclist. Strange but totally true!

Biker and driver hold hands while driving – This is the result

Locals said that the Enjoy driver and the motorcyclist had been driving like that for quite some distance before the duo lost control in a corner. The result? The Enjoy falls into a ditch while the motorcycle crashes into the MPV. Fortunately, the car occupants and the bike rider escaped without any serious injuries.

Luckily enough, some MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Aayojana) workers that were cleaning the small ditch earlier moved away just in time to avoid contact with the two vehicles. Imagine what could have happened had the car crashed into the workers. Both the car driver and the motorcycle rider have been charged with reckless driving.

Riding/driving like this is stupid!

While it may look hilarious and even seem like fun, drivers of two  moving vehicles holding each others’ hands is just bizarre. And obviously stupid, just like the driver of the MPV and the biker found out. It can be classified as dangerous riding/driving. On the road, it’s critical to maintain enough distance between vehicles, not just those in front of you, but also those behind, and on the sides.

This is because different vehicles and people have different reaction times, and one vehicle swerving can easily cause the other to lose control if there’s not enough time and space for the other vehicle to take evasive action. This is also a reason why traffic police and law enforcement agencies around the world advice lane discipline, and adequate separation between vehicles.

via Manorama