Biker arrested for writing ‘Loading…’ on Yamaha MT15 motorcycle’s number plate

With increase in number of vehicles on the road, accidents and other road violations are also going up. Cops across all Indian states now have CCTV surveillance cameras on the street that help them monitor the vehicles that are on the road and violating rules. It looks like some people have found a way to get around the cameras as well. They either cover the number plate or simply remove them while they are on the street. One such rider from Kerala was recently arrested by the cops after he was found with a plate that said ‘Loading…’ on his motorcycle instead of the number plate.

Biker arrested for writing ‘Loading…’ on Yamaha MT15 motorcycle’s number plate

The incident happened in Kanhangad in the Kasargod district of Kerala. According to an online report, the biker was stopped by the cops during their routine checking at Naya Bazaar area. The biker J.P. Jaabir, 21 was riding the bike with a ‘Loading…’ sticker on the motorcycle instead of a number plate. When asked about the number plate, rider told the cops that he did that to ensure that the cops cannot track his motorcycle when it gets captured on the surveillance camera.

This is not the first time, such an incident has come to the notice of the authorities. Cops have mentioned that there are several riders in Kasargod city who are riding motorcycles with such illegal plates on it. Most of the riders do this avoid fines and getting captured in the cameras while riding rashly on the streets. In case of an accident, cops would also be not able to track the vehicle or the person. They have tried stopping such motorcycles several times but, most of them escape or they don’t stop. Some of them with number plate even change the numbers so that the cops cannot track the owner.

Hosdurg police has mentioned that they have spotted almost 10 motorcycles that are plying on the roads of Kanhangad lately. Jaabir and his motorcycle which is a Yamaha MT-15 was taken into custody. After checking the Registration Certificate, cops realised that official owner of the motorcycle is Jaabir’s mother. Jaabir was arrested and was later offered bail. The bike however was not released and was produced in judicial magistrate court.  Speaking to media, K.P. Satheesh, Sub-Inspector of Police, Hosdurg said that they have asked Motor Vehicles Department to suspend the license of the rider and RC of the motorcycle for the offence.

The report does not share a clear picture on what all charges have been pressed on the rider. When it comes number plates, all the new vehicles are required to the HSRP or High Security Registration Plates on them. This was done in order to have a uniform size design to the number plates and avoid fancy designs on it. Driving a vehicle without number plate is illegal in India. Recently, Delhi government’s transport department started a special drive targeting unregistered vehicles on the road. Joint Commissioner (Enforcement) said that this is a serious offence as tracing details of an unregistered vehicle becomes difficult it gets involved in an accident.

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