Biker chases & STOPS cops for driving without seatbelts [Video]

Most Indians disregard the traffic rules and it is a common sight. Administration and the police officers use various techniques like being physically present, electronic surveillance and more to keep the motorists in check. However, there are numerous police officers who have been caught red-handedly breaking the traffic laws. Here is one more such example where the police officials from Kerala were spotted driving without the seatbelts on camera.

The video shows that the rider on his motorcycle is chasing an official police car. He recorded the incident through the helmet-mounted camera. On the single-lane road, the rider on the KTM 390 Duke comes parallel to the cops and asks them about their seatbelts. Two cops in uniform open the window and answer back to the guy on the motorcycle. However, they continue to drive the vehicle. After some time, the rider overtakes the cop vehicle, makes the official police vehicle stop on the road and approaches them. The rider questions them about the seat belt but the police officers refuse to wear the seatbelts. After a few arguments, both the police personnel wear the seatbelt.

The video has become viral on social media. In the past, similar videos of common men questioning the cops have become viral too. However, not all the cops play by the rule and do the right thing. A cop once started abusing a rider on the bike when he was asked about his helmet.

Biker chases & STOPS cops for driving without seatbelts [Video]

Recently, a cop was suspended for not wearing the helmet when his picture was uploaded on social media. Even so, there are times when the cops breaking the laws remain unquestioned by the public. Since the Indian cops are known to be rude, many do not approach them and ask them questions even when they break the laws.

But is it the right way to do things?

Legally, the cops can be on duty and stopping them like this can be called as obstruction of duty of a government official. This can backfire and can cause inconvenience to the person. Stopping the cops like this is not a good idea at all. The best possible way is to ask them when they are waiting at a traffic signal. If there no chance of talking to them then the next best thing is to take a video of the offence and send register a compliant or upload it on the social media and tag the senior officials. Most of the times this way works.

It should be noted that from 15th August, the new amended MV Act has been put on place. The new fines are exponentially higher than the previous ones and the new act is expected to bring down the illegal activities on the public roads. There is also a measure under the new law that says that the government officials and authorities will be fined double the amount. However, there no such cases have been reported so far.