Biker crashes into car but cops blames car driver: Dashcam footage saves the day [Video]

Car and wrong side bike crash

Despite being extremely wrong, we are all aware of the fact that people with power in India use it to abuse and exploit normal people. Recently, a prime example of this was shared online where a police officer from Rajasthan has pinned down the blame on a car driver for a crash that happened between his daughter and the car. The owner of the car has shared the dashcam footage showing that he was faultless in this situation but is being charged with wrong cases. The video shows and explains the entire situation in detail.

The Accident

This video of the abuse of power, despite being on the wrong side, has come courtesy of Prateek Singh from YouTube. It starts off with the creator mentioning that this particular video has been shared with him from Bhilwara, Rajasthan. He explains that one of his viewers has shared that he is being wrongfully accused of an accident in which he was at no fault. Following this, the clip starts, and it can be seen that the sharer of the video, who is also the driver of the Tata Tigor in this video, is driving his car very slowly on a narrow road.

Biker crashes into car but cops blames car driver: Dashcam footage saves the day [Video]

The presenter mentions that he was alone in the car when he was driving in a neighborhood near the police line in Bhilwara. It can be noted that his speed was around 15-20 kmph the entire time as there were a lot of animals on the road. The video then shows him reaching a left turn in which he turns. However, from the opposite side, a bike rider with a female pillion was coming towards his car at a high speed. What happens next is that the bike rider then crashes with the car on the front right and falls.

What Happened Next?

Biker crashes into car but cops blames car driver: Dashcam footage saves the day [Video]

Following the accident, the creator stated that the female pillion and the rider were taken to the hospital by the car driver. It was then found that the female pillion’s leg was fractured, and she also suffered from a few other minor injuries. Next up, the presenter mentions that the Tata Tigor of the car driver also got damaged, and its right headlight was broken along with damage on the front bumper.

The Abuse of Power

Moving on in the video, the presenter then explained that the female pillion is the daughter of a police officer who has charged the car driver with a number of false cases. He mentioned that despite having the dashcam footage which shows he was at no fault, the cases were still lodged against him, and he is being threatened. The driver of the car in his video submission has mentioned that he is in fear that despite the evidence he might be punished.

What Should Be Done in Such a Situation?

This is not an isolated situation where a powerful person, despite being wrong, is harassing an innocent person. It happens more often than we would like to admit. In this particular situation, the owner should not worry as the dashcam footage clearly shows that the bike rider was coming at high speed. It can also be noted that he was coming from the wrong side too. So even if the car driver would not have been there, he along with the female pillion would have still fallen as they would not have made the turn at such high speed.

Biker crashes into car but cops blames car driver: Dashcam footage saves the day [Video]

Now coming back to the owner of the car, if he gets summoned by the court, he can most likely get out of this situation as the video clearly shows that he was not on the wrong side. As for other people who want to be safe from such situations, they should install high-quality dashcams inside their cars. Over the last few years, dashcams have helped a number of people from getting wrongly accused.