Biker jumps level crossing and slips in front of Rajdhani express train: Bike smashed to bits [Video]

Despite the fact that railway crossings are inherently unsafe and numerous accidents occur at these crossings, people continue to disregard safe practices. A CCTV video depicts an individual who disregarded the safety protocols, as they were unwilling to wait for the Rajdhani Express train to pass and attempted to cross the tracks hastily. The location of this incident is uncertain; however, it serves as a compelling reminder of the importance of adhering to traffic regulations on roads.

A biker recklessly entered a crossing and attempted to beat an oncoming train, but ultimately slipped and fell onto the tracks. Despite managing to evade the motorcycle, the high-speed Rajdhani train collided with it, completely destroying the two-wheeler. Miraculously, the man walked away from the scene unscathed.

Perhaps the speed of the Rajdhani, one of the fastest trains in the country, caused the man to misjudge its location. Nonetheless, it is a criminal offence to enter a crossing once the barricades are down.

Biker jumps level crossing and slips in front of Rajdhani express train: Bike smashed to bits [Video]

Impatience while driving is a significant cause of accidents. The video illustrates several individuals, both bikers and pedestrians, who are eager to cross the railway track and reach the opposite side before the train arrives.

The footage highlights that the train passes through the crossing in just a few seconds. In this brief span, the person put not only himself but also those around him in grave danger.

Many such incidents

In another video, the boom barrier appears to be in the closed position. It is unclear if there is a barrier on the opposite side of the road. Despite the presence of numerous pedestrians, some of whom are attempting to cross the railway track before the arrival of the train, a biker hesitates as he approaches.

Upon seeing the train approaching at a close distance, the biker comes to a stop. However, he fails to engage the neutral gear, causing the bike to jerk and topple onto the crossing perilously close to the railway track. In a matter of seconds, the train enters the frame and completely obliterates the motorcycle.

Even cars get stuck

This video showcases a Hyundai Creta driver’s reckless impatience as they narrowly avoid colliding with an express train. At the beginning of the footage, a biker is also seen crossing the level crossing by ducking under the barricade, a practice that numerous pedestrians and cyclists also employ. Such behavior results in numerous fatal accidents each year.

The Hyundai Creta too could have fallen victim to the crossing’s narrow width. Express trains operate on a tight schedule and thus achieve extremely high speeds, making it difficult, if not impossible, to abruptly reduce their velocity.