Biker has a narrow escape after getting mowed down by bus

India sees one of the highest numbers of accidents in the world and many of them turn fatal. While most of these accidents are not recorded on the video, here is a clip recorded by a roadside CCTV that shows the miraculous escape of a biker after getting mowed down by a bus.

The incident is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The video shows a government bus taking a turn on the highway when a biker enters the corner and tries to overtake the bus from its left-hand side.

The bus driver drives towards his left to avoid a pile of dirt kept on the right side of the road. However, since the bike rider entered the corner at a high speed, he could not correct himself and stays on the path, which causes the bus to collide with him.

The bus driver noticed the collision and promptly applies the brakes of the bus. While the bike rider falls under the bus, he gets saved due to the emergency brakes applied by the driver. It would have been a disaster if the tyre of the bus went on the rider.

The bike rider quickly gets up and there are no visible injuries on his body. He also walks around as other vehicles stop to help him and check his injuries. Incidentally, there are no injuries on the bike rider as he walks around without a problem.

Overtaking from left

Biker has a narrow escape after getting mowed down by bus

Such incidents are quite common on Indian roads and many of them result in fatal accidents. While overtaking, one should always check the way ahead and overtake only if it is clear and there is enough space. It is always a good idea to wait for the clear road ahead rather than blindly following a vehicle on the roads.

Also, since it is quite difficult to get the right of way from the slow-moving heavy vehicles, overtaking from the left is something everyone does nowadays. However, whenever possible, always try to overtake from the right-hand side of a vehicle because that’s the safest thing to do.

One should be extremely careful while overtaking in the mountains. Most people try to overtake on the blind corners that can lead to head-on collisions with vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Heavy vehicles have bad visibility

Even though the bus driver sits at a high position, the visibility from the bus is quite low, especially with the small rearview mirrors that most of the Indian buses use. Some Indian transport vehicles are not in good shape and it is extremely important to stay alert on the road whenever there is a heavy vehicle around.

Always make sure that you maintain enough distance while overtaking a heavy vehicle, including buses. Most of the time, the brake lights of such vehicles do not work properly. Staying alert near such vehicles can prove to be a life-saving decision.

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