Biker hits a pedestrian while stunting on the road: MVD to cancel rider’s license [Video]

Performing stunts on public roads is dangerous and completely illegal. We have come across several incidents where such stunts did not end well. Here we have a similar incident from Kerala where a biker trying to perform a stunt on bike crashed into a girl who was walking on the road. The video the biker who performed stunt has already surfaced online and many of media websites have already featured the same. It turns out the person who was riding the motorcycle was a habitual offender and Motor Vehicle Department has decided to take strict action against him this time.

The video has been shared by AsiaNet on their YouTube channel. As per the report, the accident happened in Kerala’s capital district Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum. The whole accident was captured in a CCTV that was installed on the roadside. A girl student in her uniform is seen walking through the side of the road. It is a narrow pocket road and it is relatively empty. As she was walking away from the camera, a bike can be seen entering the frame and as he approaches the girl, the biker attempts to do a wheelie. There were a couple of other girl students walking on the opposite side of the road at the same time.

The biker manages to lift the front wheel but, it looks like he could not maintain it and soon lost control over the bike. From the video, it looks like the biker was using a KTM RC series motorcycle which is quite popular among youngsters. The biker lost control and it quickly turned towards the girl who was walking alone. The rider fell from the bike and it hit the girl from behind. Soon after this happened, the girls who were walking on the opposite side ran to help both the biker and the girl.

Biker hits a pedestrian while stunting on the road: MVD to cancel rider’s license [Video]

The video of the accident soon became popular on the internet and even the cops came across the same. The person riding the bike was identified as Noufal. He is only 18 years old  he already had 6 cases against him. This is the seventh time he has been spotted doing such stunts on public roads. He has been a regular offender and the Kerala Motor Vehicles Department has now decided to cancel the driving license of the rider. As per reports, Noufal’s bike was in police custody only four days ago and he paid the fine for another offence. He had paid fine of around Rs 19,000. Only four days after this, he crashed the motorcycle into another person.

The accident happened last Thursday and the police arrested him for reckless riding. The girl student did get injured in the accident. It is not clear whether the rider got any injuries or not. He was wearing a riding helmet. The bike is also in the custody of the police. It is not clear whether any case has been registered against the rider for reckless riding or not. Performing stunts on public roads is dangerous and illegal. This video is a perfect example that proves the same. By performing stunts on a public road, the rider not only put his life at risk but, also the life of other people who were on the road.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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