Biker responsible for massive truck crash in Hyderabad held

It is almost every time that a big vehicle like a truck or a bus is involved in an accident, the blame is instantly shifted on them. In India, the bigger vehicles involved in any type of accident get the blame and others like the pedestrians and even two-wheeler riders escape the blame even when they are at fault. However, an accident in Telangana got recorded on CCTV cameras installed at the spot. Here is what happened.

The CCTV footage is from two different angles and clearly shows who is at fault. In the first angle, a person on a mass-segment commuter bike suddenly enters the road from the left-hand side. He even spotted the incoming truck and still continued to ride forward. We are not sure which way he wanted to go but he quickly came in front of the truck, which was on the fast lane of the road.

As soon as the biker realised that the truck is too close, he changed his direction. However, the loaded truck could not stop and the vigilant driver steered it to the opposite lane to save the biker. However, another truck was incoming from the other side and both the heavy vehicles collided head-on.

The drivers of both the truck got seriously injured during the accident. Identified as V. Venkataramulu and Shiva. The condition of Shiva is critical and he is fighting for his life in a hospital.

Calls for cancellation of the DL

Biker responsible for massive truck crash in Hyderabad held

The video of the accident shared by Cyberabad Traffic Police on social media platforms has become viral. Several comments have asked for the cancellation of the license of the biker. The cops have even detained the biker and have started an investigation. The police have lodged a case against the biker too but have not shared the details like the sections and the charges against the biker.

In this case, the CCTV footage was available that helped the cops to take action against the biker. Even though the metropolitan cities are working to cover as many roads and junctions as possible under CCTV surveillance, a major part of the Indian road network remains without any digital surveillance. What do you think would have happened if this CCTV footage was not available? Well, in all probability, the biker would not have faced any action for the recklessness that he displayed.

Start your own surveillance

With the number of rising vehicles on the Indian roads, the roads are becoming heavily crowded and accidents take place every now and then. Since most of the roads are not covered under CCTV surveillance, it is only a good idea to have your own surveillance. How do you do that? Well, you just need to spend on a good quality dashboard camera. In many developed markets, insurance premiums are dependant on the fact that your vehicle has a dashboard camera. Vehicles with dashboard cameras have to pay a lower premium than the others.

In India, there is no such incentive but it is always a good idea to install a dashboard camera in your vehicle. Most of them do not cost much and provide decent quality footage.