Biker mocks MVD by performing stunts despite warning: Bike seized, license cancelled

Stunting on public roads is an offence. We have come across several reports where cops and other authorities have taken strict action against those who perform such stunts on public roads. Kerala MVD which is infamous for their strict implementation of rules in the state has also been in the news for the same several times. In one such recent incident, Kerala MVD has cancelled the driving license of a rider whom they had once warned for performing stunts.

The video has been shared by Manorama News on their YouTube channel. Jishnu, who is form Kerala’s Palakkad district is popular on social media platforms for bike stunts. Recently Kerala MVD caught him and gave him instructions to not perform such dangerous stunts on public roads to avoid any accidents. A day after being warned by the cops, Jishnu decided to mock the Motor Vehicles Department by performing another stunt. He is one of the popular bike stunter from the district and has several followers on social media.

The video of his recent stunt went viral on the internet and the MVD took action against the rider. They simply registered a case against the rider and took his motorcycle in custody. The license of the rider has also been cancelled by the department. Jishnu had done several modifications to his motorcycles to make it more suitable for performing stunts. The Registration Certificate of the bike is also with the RTO now. The motorcycle gets several modifications like tank grips, changes to the pillion seat, modified grab handles and handle bar and so on. The rear tyre hugger and the number plate mount of the motorcycle has been removed completely. A smaller number plate is placed on the motorcycle. As per the reports, Jishnu has been performing such stunts for years now.

Biker mocks MVD by performing stunts despite warning: Bike seized, license cancelled

He is popular on social media as a professional bike stunter. He has performed stunts in the private grounds of educational institutions and the same has been posted on social media as well. MVD has seen many illegal modifications on the motorcycles and are currently looking to cancel the RC of the motorcycle. Performing stunts on a bike is actually an art. It becomes illegal activity when people start doing the same on public roads. We have seen several videos on internet where such stunts have gone wrong.

In most of the cases when such stunts go wrong no one is hurt because, the rider is wearing a proper riding kit and is performing the stunt under a controlled environment. When you do the same stunts on public roads, the risk factor increases. There are chances that the biker might loose controlover the motorcycle and hit another biker or a pedestrian. At times the injuries can be fatal as well. By doing such stunts on public roads, the rider is not only putting his own life at risk but also the life of innocent people who are using the road. Always do such stunts on a private property or an a track.