Biker on a Yamaha R15 rescues girls being harassed on the road by Honda Accord passengers [Video]

A motorcyclist on a Yamaha R15 sportsbike was riding around town, in the Bhayander part of Greater Mumbai, when he spotted a trio of girls being harassed by a couple of men in a Honda Accord sedan. The alert biker decided to defuse the situation and help the three girls head to safety. The entire incident was recorded on video, and here’s how things panned out.

As the video indicates, the biker initially spots a parked Honda Accord behind the three girls walking on an isolated stretch in Bhayander. Two men in the Accord sedan were harassing the girls but the biker initially assumes that the men in the Accord and the three girls could be friends, and doesn’t intervene. However, he keeps a close eye on what’s happening between the men in the Accord and the three girls through his rear view mirrors (Another great reason to not take off mirrors from motorcycle handlebars). When he notices that the girls were clearly uncomfortable with the presence of the two men in the Honda Accord, the biker makes a U-Turn, and escorts the women to safety. The mere presence of the biker on the Yamaha R15 with the three girls makes the duo in the Honda Accord back off, and go their way. This action from the biker deescalates the situation, and the three girls are thankful that he intervened.

Women getting harassed on Indian roads is very common, and often the men harassing women are drunk, or are uncouth thugs. As the biker clearly mentions in the video, a direct confrontation with such men in isolated spots is not advisable as the situation could get violent within no time.

Biker on a Yamaha R15 rescues girls being harassed on the road by Honda Accord passengers [Video]

In such circumstances, it’s best to simply escort women to safety. If this is not feasible, dialing 100 and informing the police control room is another option. If the harassers are in a vehicle, noting down the registration number of the vehicles is also advisable in order to help the police track down the harassers for further legal action.

This incident is by no means an isolated one. Thankfully, the youth in the Honda Accord sedan saw sense and drove off, and the Yamaha R15 rider who escorted the three girls to safety managed to keep a cool head and handle the situation well. If you ever see anyone in trouble, man or woman, do try to help out in whichever way you can. However, do not get directly involved if there’s a threat of violence. Get the police involved instead as they’re the best equipped people to handle such situations with authority and competence.