Biker stuck on flooded bridge rescued by Hyderabad traffic police [Video]

Hyderabad, like many other Indian cities has been receiving heavy rainfall. States like Kerala, Tamil Nadu are also reporting heavy rains and some of the low lying areas of these states have already flooded. Recently, video of a man stuck on a flooded road in Hyderabad had gone viral on internet. The man was stuck on the Himayat Sagar service road bridge. He was later rescued by Hyderabad traffic police. One has to be extremely careful while driving and riding in such conditions.

The video has been uploaded by The News Minute on their YouTube channel. In this video, a biker can be seen stuck on a flooded bridge. According to reports, a biker tried to cross the Himayat Sagar service road even after he saw that the bridge was flooded. The incident happened around 5 pm. The biker who was recognised as Aravind Goud was rode the motorcycle to the bridge and got stuck in the middle. The bridge had flooded after four gates of Himayat Sagar reservoir have been raised due to heavy rains. The road was inundated after the gates were open.

Once the reservoir gates were open, the level of water in the region started rising and the bridge got flooded as well. The water was flowing too fast and it was much more than what a motorcycle could handle. Aravind rode the motorcycle right through the flooded bridge and as he covered almost half of the bridge, the bike was pushed to one side of the bridge due to force of water. That is when things got out of hand. The rider and the bike were pinned to the railing on the bridge. The force of water so immense that it could easily take both the bike and the biker with it. It was only because of the railing that the biker was able to stay at the spot.

Biker stuck on flooded bridge rescued by Hyderabad traffic police [Video]

Locals spotted the biker trapped on the bridge and informed traffic police. The cops rushed to the scene in their recovery truck. Head Constable Baig of Rajendranagar Traffic Police and his team reached the spot and started the rescue operation. They reached near the biker in their recovery truck and asked the biker to tie a metal chain to his motorcycle. After this, they rescued Aravind and brought him on the truck. Once the biker was on the truck and the bike was secured using the chain, they drove the truck to the other side of the road.

Driving on flooded roads is very risky and this video is a very good example that explains why. The risk is equal for both cars and bikes in this case. If you are driving your car through a flooded road, there no way of finding how deep the water actually is. At times, there are potholes and other items on flooded road which could easily damage your vehicle. The water might even enter the engine and damage your vehicle. It is always a good idea to avoid such roads in rainy situation. Timely intervention by the traffic police in this case saved the biker.