Biker suddenly changes lanes on the highway: Here’s the result [Video]

We have often witnessed videos wherein careless two-wheeler riders have caused significant accidents. They frequently fail to realize the dangers present on the road and thereby endanger not only their lives but also the lives of other road users. Indian roads are replete with surprises, and one never knows what might appear in front of their vehicle. It is for this reason that we believe individuals should always remain vigilant while driving or riding on Indian roads. Here, we have an incident from Telangana in which an alert truck driver saved the life of a heedless biker who changed lanes without checking.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. One of his subscribers sent him the video. It was captured by a CCTV camera installed on the road. The setting seems to be a bustling highway with a lot of truck traffic. At the far left corner of the road, we can see a biker entering the road and proceeding ahead without paying attention to the surroundings. The biker wasn’t merely moving forward; they were also switching lanes.

Starting from the far left lane, the biker was heading toward the U-turn lane on the far right. The rider displayed such carelessness that they neglected to check for traffic approaching from behind. A container truck was heading toward the biker. Fortunately, the truck driver was attentive and attempted to avert the accident. They applied the brakes and swiftly maneuvered the truck away from the biker. The driver managed this to some extent, successfully rescuing the biker. However, they lost control of the truck in the process. Given that it was a container truck, it held considerable weight. It’s unclear whether the container was empty or not.

Biker suddenly changes lanes on the highway: Here’s the result [Video]
Truck driver saving biker

The truck collided with the median, and the container struck the post on which the CCTV was mounted. After hitting another light pole, the truck toppled onto its side. According to the video, the truck did make contact with the bike, but the biker remained unharmed. The truck driver reportedly sustained injuries and is receiving treatment at a nearby hospital. This accident occurred due to the biker’s careless riding. Had they taken the time to observe the traffic before entering the road, this situation might have been avoided.

Furthermore, it appears that the rider wasn’t wearing a helmet. If the truck driver hadn’t applied the brakes and skillfully maneuvered the truck, the biker might have sustained serious injuries. This is a point we’ve emphasized in numerous articles. While we now have expansive highways that allow for high-speed riding and driving, improving overall connectivity, the driving culture and etiquette within the country still require significant attention. People frequently disregard traffic regulations and ride recklessly, even when aware that surveillance cameras are in place to monitor violations and issue penalties. In this specific case, the truck driver could have reduced their speed, given that there was an upcoming intersection. By maintaining a reasonable speed, it’s conceivable that the crash could have been avoided.

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