Biker takes picture of rashly driven auto: Auto driver beats biker up [Video]

Road rage incidents are quite common in India and we have reported several incidents where people are seen fighting on public roads. Such incidents are very common not just in India but abroad as well. Here we have one such video that has now surfaced online from India’s capital city. In the video, an auto driver is seen beating a biker at a traffic signal.

The video has been uploaded by Decode Trend on their YouTube channel. The video that has now surfaced online has been recorded by a person in a car or some other vehicle. In this video, we can see several vehicles waiting at the traffic signal. A person riding a Honda Aviator scooter can also be seen here. He is wearing a helmet and it looks like, he is commuting to work with a bag on his back. A few seconds into the video, we see the biker taking out his smartphone and clicking the picture of the number plate of an auto-rickshaw that was behind him.

The auto driver saw him click the picture and without hesitating, he gets out and hits the biker. The auto driver removes the helmet of the rider and they can be seen arguing in the video. The video mentions that the auto driver was riding the vehicle rashly and the biker narrowly escaped an accident. The biker caught up with the auto and as he was waiting at the traffic signal, the rider decided to click a picture of the number plate so that he can file a complaint for rash driving with the police. We are not sure if that is the only reason why the biker decided to click a picture. The auto driver can be clearly seen thrashing the biker for taking a picture or video.

Biker takes picture of rashly driven auto: Auto driver beats biker up [Video]

This is not the first time, we have come across an incident like this in India. We have several reports where taxi drivers have misbehaved with their passengers over the fare and at times, these arguments end up in physical assault. Many of the taxi and auto drivers in metro cities like Delhi drive rashly and it is not very uncommon to find these vehicles getting involved in accidents. Road rage incidents are very dangerous as things can escalate very quickly. In this case, the auto driver did not even care about the surroundings and just went ahead and hit the biker.

We have even reported an incident where an ex-Army man pulled out his licensed gun and beat a bus driver after the bus had accidentally brushed against the ex-Army man’s car. If you are driving on Indian roads, it is must to have a cool head. If you get involved in an accident and you see turning into road rage, calm yourself down and if you are driving a car, then do not get out of the car and call the police for assistance. In this case, the rider should have called the cops from the spot. It is always good to avoid confrontation with the opposite party as you never know when the argument might get escalated into a fight.