Kerala MVD arrests bikers who deliberately crashed into another bike to create viral video

Internet has now become a very integral part of our life. We use it for our daily commute, entertainment and even share opinions and information regarding several topics. Several people have gained popularity on the internet with unique type of contents. One of the common method to gain popularity on the internet is to create a content that has the potential to go viral. We have seen several short and long videos go viral on the internet. Several bikers have also uploaded similar viral contents where they encounter cops, accidents or even mob during their rides. In an attempt to create a viral video, a bunch of youngsters from Kerala are now in trouble. The young bikers deliberately crashed bike into another bike to make a troll video.

The video report has been poster by Manorama News on their youtube channel. The incident happened in Kerala’s Alappuzha district. The video of a biker crashing into a Hero Splendor was posted by these young bikers on social media a few days ago. The video was circulated among several social media groups. In the first video that came out, the incident looked like an accident where the biker was not able to stop at time and hit the slow moving Hero Splendor. From biker’s point of few it seemed like, he had hit the bike and pillion from the rear.

The Splendor rider and pillion can also be seen starting at the biker as they did not realise what had happened. This accident that was recorded on camera was actually not an accident but, a planned one. The young bikers had planned that, they will deliberately crash into a motorcycle so that, they can create a good viral troll video out of it. All was going as per plan until they released a BTS or behind the scene video.

Kerala MVD arrests bikers who deliberately crashed into another bike to create viral video

The BTS they released was also in the form of a troll video but, in that it is clear that they had this thing planned and the Biker had deliberately crashed his Pulsar RS200 into Hero Splendor to create content. RS200 rider was recording and moving at the front whereas his friends followed him on other bikes. After the incident, a complaint was registered and Motor Vehicle Department started investigating the incident. Akash and Shivdev were the bikers who were riding the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 and their friends Sujeesh, Akhil and Sharath were following them.

Kayamkulam Squad of Motor Vehicle investigated the accident and found out that the yougsters had planned this accident. According to the officers, they were known for rash riding in the area and have also met with accidents in the past. Motor Vehicle Department has now suspended the Driving License of five riders and the Registration Certificate of the bikes for six months. What biker did here was actually a dangerous thing. The rider on Splendor had no clue about their planning and he was also travelling with a senior citizen. If the Splendor guy had lost control after the accident, then things would have gone south very fast. By doing this, he was putting his and other life in danger as well.