Friendly Kerala cop interacting with bikers wins hearts [Video]

Ever since the Supreme Court has rolled out its decision deeming vehicle modification illegal, there have been various cases across the country where the police have confiscated modified cars or bikes. The most number of such cases, however, have popped up from the state of Kerala, where the state MVD has gone berserk over modified vehicles. In a recent incident, the Kerala police took 15 bikers in custody who were protesting against the new modification laws and according to the police, were creating a nuisance. However, amongst all this, a new video has surfaced which assures that things are still not all frenzied out with the police and enthusiasts. Check out the video below by Bikerboii_Vlogs which shows a happy incident that unfolded among the cops and a few bikers.

Though the video is in vernacular, one can easily make out that the police here is just inquiring about stuff and is not there as a threat to the bikers. In the video, we see a few bikers standing on the side of the road when they are approached by a police marked Chevrolet Tavera. The officer in the front seat then asks them about where they are going, probably after seeing them in full riding gear. The bikers said that they were going towards the Athirappilly falls, which is a popular destination for sightseeing.

After this, the cop suggested them about things to take care of while riding in a group. He told them to not cover the whole road when group riding as that can be a pain for other road users. He also tells them about the plates and how they should be in a proper state, further stating that their bikes had proper registration plates. The cops and the bikers are also seen sharing a few light moments among them during the video. As a good and humane gesture, he also enquires if they have had breakfast or not as they were embarking on a long trip. To this, the bikers replied that they didn’t have any breakfast.

Friendly Kerala cop interacting with bikers wins hearts [Video]

this video highlights that though there have been some cases where tensions have brewed between cops/MVD and enthusiasts, not all is bad in the country. The way in which the police and the bikers interest in the video further cement this as a fact. Talking about the Supreme Court’s decision, the verdict states that vehicles registered under Section 52(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act must strictly adhere to the original specifications of the manufacturer. This has created worries not only among the enthusiasts and modified vehicle owners but also among the aftermarket accessory dealers and modifiers as this means the end of the line in business for them. Many of them are planning to get into legal proceedings regarding this decision in unison.