KTM rider’s license suspended for stunting in front of a police station: Bike SEIZED again

Cops suspended the license of a biker who was seen performing stunts in front a police station in Kerala. This was not the first time, the rider had done something like this. Paravur Police from Kerala’s Kollam district had initially taken the rider’s bike in custody for performing stunt on a beach road without proper number plate. The biker had then paid the fine and released the bike. The incident that lead to the suspension of his license happened after this. The biker made a small video for his social media profile, where he does a stoppie right after joining the main road in front of the police station.

This was report by Manorama News and the same was uploaded on their YouTube channel. The video became viral on the internet in a very short span of time and the Kerala Police’ social media team who is active spotted this video. As soon as they found the video, they got hold of the owner and took the bike in custody again. Kerala Police even made a troll video of the same where they show the rider pushing the motorcycle and entering the same police station compound. Motor vehicle department also tok action against the rider. They suspended the license of the motorcycle rider.

One of the thing that should be noted in the video is that, the bike had aftermarket graphics on it which is considered as modification. The authorities made the owner peel those stickers away. The bike seen in the video is KTM RC motorcycle, probably a 200. In this video, the Motor Vehicle Department officer can be heard saying that, they would be keeping an eye on social media to keep a track of such violations. They plan to track the owner of the vehicle by zooming into the registration plate and taking helps from the locals. Cops have also installed CCTV cameras on roads which help them keep a track of any such incidents.

There have been several incidents in the past were several bikers have recorded videos of them doing stunts on public roads on social media. Couple of months ago, a biker was seen doing stunts on public road in Noida. Uttar Pradesh Police had arrested the  biker and took the bike in custody. The biker was arrested for violating traffic rules on city roads. It is not known whether Kerala Police registered a case against the biker for his behaviour.

Performing such stunts on public roads is a dangerous act. Anything can go wrong while doing such stunt in just fraction of a second. By performing stunts on public roads, the rider is putting their life as well as the life of other road users in danger. The biker while doing this stunt was definitely wearing a helmet and had a proper riding jacket which is a good thing. The rider could have looked for a better place to do this stunt. If you want to perform such stunts, it is recommended to find an empty spot, a ground or even a closed road for these purposes.