Bikers ram and chase IT couple at 3 AM in Bengaluru: Arrested [Video]

Road scams are dime and dozen in India, and the latest one carried out by scamsters and extortionists involves intentionally colliding with a vehicle and then extorting money from the hapless victim. This scam is particularly effective against those who’re new to the city, and also those who don’t know the local language. An IT couple from Bengaluru, Karnataka, found themselves against two such scamsters in the dead of night, at 3 AM to be precise. The couple – Ankita and Kush Jaiswal – were returning to their flat at about 3 AM on Sarjapur road when a two wheeler – riding on the wrong side – collided against the car. Here, watch the dashcam footage.

As the video indicates, the scamsters – instead of being apologetic for riding on the wrong side and colliding against an oncoming car – started threatening the IT couple, and tried to get them to come out of the car. However, the couple in the car did not relent, and instead pointed at their dashcam – telling the scamsters that their actions were being recorded on the car’s dash camera. Unperturbed, the scamsters continued chasing the car until the IT couple reached their apartment complex, said to be about 5 kilometers away from the spot at which the collision happened.

Thee IT couple shared the video on social media, and Bangalore police were alerted to the incident. The Whitefield police division swung into action, and launched a manhunt for the scamsters. Within a day, police officials managed to zero in on the scamsters, and carried out arrests. Two people – a fishmonger from Bellandur: Dhanush, 24, and his accomplice Rakshit, 20, were taken into custody and charged under various sections of the Indian penal code.

Bikers ram and chase IT couple at 3 AM in Bengaluru: Arrested [Video]

Here’s what the Deputy Commissioner of Police at Whitefield division S. Girish had to say about the incident, and the ensuing arrests,

They have been booked under Sections 384 (extortion), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace), and 506 (criminal intimidation) and 34 of the Indian Penal Code. We have registered an FIR based on a complaint filed by Ankita Jaiswal and arrested the suspects

What to do when faced with such a situation?

Do not open the door! Often times, scamsters want you to open the door so that they can either confront you, loot you or worse, assault you. Keeping the car’s door shut and trying to drive away from the situation is often the best approach. However, care must be taken to drive carefully as the heat of the moment can cause one to drive rashly, leading to an accident, or further aggravation of an already volatile situation.

Dashcams help!

Investing in a car dashcam that records both the front and rear of the car is a good idea. Dashcam footage can be very useful to make a case against scamsters and other errant road users. Also, a dashcam can act as a deterrent to many such unsavory elements who wouldn’t want to be captured on camera while carrying out their elaborate and brazen scams.