Bikers slip, skid & fall like dominoes on Mumbai flyover after first rain (Video)

Note: This video is from Pakistan according to fact-checkers. The error is regretted.

Rains can bring chaos to the Indian roads. With the first few drops of rain, we can always see vehicles and motorists on two-wheelers scrambling on the roads. First rain can be dangerous though. Why? Well, they make the roads slippery as this video on Twitter shows.

The video shows the top of the flyover after a rain. We can spot the motorists on two-wheelers skidding and failing on the flyover. We can see a lot of two-wheelers skidding and falling down on the road. Why do you think so many two-wheeler riders are falling down?

Bikers slip, skid & fall like dominoes on Mumbai flyover after first rain (Video)

Well, it is because of the oil spills on the roads. Over the months, oil spills from the cars and other vehicles deposit on the roads. Also, soot from the exhaust tips and dust settle down over time on the roads. With the first rain, the water fills small crevices on the roads and the spilt oil comes to the surface of the road.

We all know how slippery oil can be. Oil mixed with water can be a disaster for recipes as we can see in this video. Now, cement roads are more susceptible to such incidents are they are completely non-porous and whatever falls on cement roads stays there. The tarmac roads are much better mostly absorb oil spills.

How to survive in such conditions?

It is best to slow down on the roads whenever it rains. Especially during the first rain. The first rain brings out all such oil spills to the road surface creating problems.

It is also best to check the condition and health of the tyres before the rainy season. Tyres that are losing the tread depths may not be ideal to use during the rainy season. Also, it is best to ensure optimum tyre pressure. Under-inflated tyres can become the cause of aquaplaning in vehicles.

One should also ensure to not enter water flows and stagnant water on the roads. That’s where most of the oils float on the roads. If you colour spots on the roads during the rainy season, it means that there is a high chance that oil is floating. You can be extra careful during such situations by slowing down even further and making sure that you do not make sudden direction changes.