Bikers stop abruptly after spotting a tiger on the road [Video]

Driving on a road that cuts through a jungle means the chances of spotting a wild animal are pretty high. We have come across several reports and videos in the past where people come face to face with wild animals like elephants and gaur. Some of these animals have also attacked people and vehicles and that is also available on the internet. In short, if you are planning to drive on a road that goes through wildlife habitat, it is always recommended to be alert and careful. Here we have a video that shows a biker stopping abruptly in the middle of the road after they see a tiger crossing the road.

The video has been shared by Susanta Nanda IFS on Twitter. The video does not mention the location where this incident happened. The video has been recorded by a person sitting inside a car. The car driver had stopped after seeing the tiger. He stopped because the tiger was planning to cross the road and a vehicle might scare the animal and it may even attack others. The driver was patiently waiting for the tiger to cross however the bikers who were behind the car were not aware of this. They were coming at a good speed and without stopping, they overtook the car from the right side. By then, the tiger had already come on the road and was almost on the other side.

The bikers were surprised to see a tiger in the middle of the road and they stopped the bike abruptly. The biker managed to stop the bike while maintaining a safe distance however, the tiger noticed the bike and started walking toward them. The biker was terrified and he immediately pushed the bike back with his foot. All this happened in a few seconds. The biker was so terrified that he turned the bike around and rode it back. The car driver’s presence of mind should also be appreciated here. As soon as he saw the tiger walking towards the bike, he slowly moved the car forward to act as a shield between the tiger and the bike.

Bikers stop abruptly after spotting a tiger on the road [Video]

As soon as the biker went away, the tiger stopped on the roadside for a few seconds and moved into the bushes without disturbing anyone. This video is once again a reminder that shows how one must not behave while driving through a forest. The biker should have ideally stopped behind the car and checked if it is safe for them to go or not. A wild animal like a tiger can easily turn aggressive and attack people. They are highly territorial and can easily destroy a thing that trespasses into their territory. These animals can attack if they feel threatened or get scared by a loud noise from the engine or horn of a car or a bike. It is always a good idea to maintain a safe speed while driving through such roads and if you are a biker avoid riding through such roads in dark.